Essential Features to Expect From a Desktop CNC Lathe

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Essential Features to Expect from a CNC Desktop Lathe

The CNC desktop lathe is the natural extension of larger, freestanding CNC machines. Despite its size, a desktop lathe can still perform many of the same functions that larger units can, albeit at a smaller scale. These machines are also usually designed with powerful control technology built in, and they typically feature the same components used in bigger machines.

Although desktop lathes are smaller, they must be as durable as a full-scale machine.

All of the components of a desktop lathe must be heavy-duty, and its machine construction—from the wax instruments to the steel parts—must be very hard-wearing. Like its larger counterparts, a desktop lathe must support and display CAM files and converted DXF files.

What is a desktop CNC machine?

With a CNC desktop lathe, you can learn and apply the same CNC commands that are used in big industrial CNC machines. These smaller machines are often easier to operate and install, however, due to the fact that they are designed specifically for desktop manufacturing approaches.

For example, a desktop CNC lathe with two axes can likely handle parts up to six inches in diameter and is commonly used for smaller projects like jewelry and small parts machining. Not everyone looking for precision cutting of small parts can afford or handle a larger CNC machine. There are also milling CNC machines and plotter-sized.

With smaller lathes, it’s important to differentiate between a benchtop CNC lathe machine and a desktop lathe. Benchtop CNC lathes are generally more affordable, but also smaller and somewhat limited in the applications they can handle. A standard CNC benchtop lathe generally includes the motion controller, cables, and basic software. A standard CNC desktop lathe, with a similar basic package, costs slightly more.

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What can I make with a desktop CNC lathe?

Desktop CNC lathes are generally best at handling and crafting smaller parts. Think of diamond turning, or using an air spindle on aluminum or brass.

A small part can be crafted with precision using a desktop CNC lathe the same as with a larger CNC machine.

What are the benefits of a desktop CNC lathe?

With benchtop lathes, you can achieve precision and accuracy on smaller objects while maintaining control. Smaller CNC lathes can be just as accurate or even more precise than larger CNC machines.

A desktop CNC lathe is also a great option for the machinist who doesn’t need a larger CNC lathe. Benchtop CNC lathes are considered very easy to use and have fewer issues.

Finally, a large CNC machine can really stretch your budget. For the DIYer, a large CNC machine may not be a practical investment. If you’re cutting smaller parts or operating out of a home office, a desktop CNC lathe can be a perfect choice.

Each desktop CNC lathe from CNC Masters comes with complete technical support services

If you’ve thought about investing in a CNC lathe in the past, but lack the room or resources for a large freestanding unit, a desktop model is a great option to consider. At CNC Masters, we can work with you to help you find a machine that suits your unique needs.

We offer a diverse selection of CNC lathes that can be used for a variety of applications. Our CNC lathes are crafted in the United States and quality is 100% ensured. No matter your situation, if you’re in the market for an affordable CNC with high performance, our desktop machines are a great option.

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Master MX Software Program – Included with desktop CNC lathe machine

Try out the new Master MX. The MX works exclusively with the CNC Masters MX Numerical Control Units now being built with our CNC milling and lathe machines. The MX software is included with your CNC Masters Machine.

You can import FANUC based G code and M code programs from your CAM software. We also offer Visualmill CAM as an option which comes with a guaranteed post processor made for CNC Masters machinery.

Give us a call today or contact us online to learn more!

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