4th Axis Rotary Table

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The ability of our CNC Control Unit to interpolate one or multiple axis with the 4th axis 6″ rotary table, offers more options for machining difficult parts. Our 6″ 4th axis rotary table can be easily jogged and has a minimum motion of 1/100 degree. It can be secured on a horizontal or vertical position. The fourth axis motor is the same as the X, Y, Z motors which are size 34 with 1200 in/oz. of torque and is programmable in the same manner as the X, Y, Z axes. The motion of the fourth axis can be interpolated with the X, Y and Z, making it a true fourth axis. The rotary table is easily removable from our cnc machines when three axis machining is needed only. The counters will display the fourth axis as the W axis in degrees.


What can a CNC 4th axis machine do?  With a 4th axis,  as long as it is a true fourth axis, your ability to machine applications on round bar stock opens your door to more possibilities and more business opportunities. Having an extra axis to work with provides milling operators with more precision. With a 4th axis rotary table you can machine parts like a….

  • Series of drilled holes in a spiral fashion on a pipe
  • different types of gears
  • splines
  • engraving
  • fan blades
  • coping pipe
  • different part lengths

True Fourth Axis Simultaneous Motion with the other Axes.  That means you can drive X, Z and W at the same time to machine fan blades such in this photo:

4th axis fan photo1

6" Diameter Table. Three T-slots to secure a front mount jaw. Morse Taper Center Sleeve Size #2 to secure a jaw with a morse taper center shaft. 4" from the center sleeve to the base of the rotary table.



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