Jr. CNC Benchtop Milling Machine

Since 1990, CNC Masters has been providing top of the line manufacturing products, including versatile and programmable milling machines.

Our Jr. benchtop milling machine is a multipurpose, midsized CNC mill, with a custom-made benchtop for storage and convenience. It is designed for primary or secondary CNC machining applications and is meant for those interested in maximum performance and ability while occupying minimum floor or desktop space. The CNC Jr. can fit easily into small spaces, yet can machine out applications between 7 inches and 19 inches. It is considered among the leading benchtop milling machines on the market.

A Leading CNC Benchtop Milling Machine

The CNC Jr. Tabletop Mill is ideal for small machine shops, research institutions, and educational settings, such as high schools and universities. Engineers – as well as one-man operations – are able to mass produce and even create three-dimensional parts using the CNC Jr. Mill. It serves as a great investment for entrepreneurs looking to save money by not contracting orders out.

If you are interested in saving your budget and spending your time wisely, begin cutting parts the same day with the easy to use CNC Jr. Tabletop Mill, available exclusively through CNC Masters. Contact us today for quotes and pricing, as well as answers to any of your questions or concerns. We are looking forward to assisting you!

Recommended for general CNC machining, 3D surface milling, and mold making. It includes a ready to run 3 axis CNC tabletop mill, user friendly MASTER Software with G-CODE file interpreter, X & Y ball screws with pre-loaded ball nuts, and CNC Control Unit. (requires 115 AC) Full Description& Specs


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Streamline your production time with the Royal Products Quick Change Tools Set. Set includes: One Master Holder, and any four end mill holders, mix or match. (To add to the set for additional holders and larger sizes, scroll further down.)

CNC Jr. Tabletop Mill: This package is recommended for the user who needs a complete machining system on delivery. Package A includes: CNC Jr. 3 Axis Tabletop Mill with Machine Stand, Jr Coolant Kit, 52PC Clamping Set, 11 PC R8 Round Collets Set by 16ths, 20 PC Titanium Coated End Mills Set.


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Add a Keypad Pendant to Your CNC Mill Order

This MX Hand Held Keypad Pendant makes it easy to drive your X, Y, Z and W while keeping your eye on the cutter.  The pendant communicates directly to the MX Software.  Click here for more details.


CNC Accessories

Individual Pieces, More Accessories and Kits:

Fourth Axis 6″ CNC Rotary Table, can work with the CNC Jr./Baron/Max or the CNC Supra CNC Machines. The Driver will be built into the CNC Control Unit and operated by the Master Software.


This MX Hand Held Keypad Pendant makes it easy to drive your X, Y, Z and W while keeping your eye on the cutter.  The pendant communicates directly to the MX Software.  Click here for more details.


With the MX Digital Probe you can duplicate artsy type 3D applications.  The probe will scan over your part while recording a tool path program for it.  Click here for more details.


Stainless Steel 1/2″ MX Electro Edge Finder and 1/4″ Touch Plate.
Easily locate the edge of any metal piece.
Record this offset position for any tool size.
Find the corner. This Edge Finder, with a couple of clicks, will automatically touch each wall and will find center line of your corner.
Use it to locate that edge or center of an inside pocket.
Low profile touch plate. Drive the cutter down to the touch plate and the Z axis will offset the touch plate giving you a perfect Z0.0 kissing the top of your part every time.
Zeroing has never been easier with the MX Software that comes with your CNC Masters Machine.
Find the edge of circular or rectangular parts — inside or outside, no problem.Click here for more details.


Touch Screen CNC

Need a dedicated computer with touch screen to easily drive your CNC machine? We offer the Dell Windows 10 — All In One Touch Screen 19″ Computer and Monitor with Protective Dust Cover and USB connection dedicated to your CNC Masters machine. It will come installed with the MX Software. The computer vesa arm will come mounted to the side of the machine to secure your all in one computer. (COMPUTER IS WIRED FOR 110 VOLTS ONLY.) Learn more!


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Machine Stand with Chip Pan and Storage with Latched Door for your CNC Baron Mill (assembly required)
Chip Pan Size: 31″L x 23″W


Engraving Attachments
“AIR TURBINE” Air Driven Spindle with 40,000 RPM, for jewelry, mold making, and fine engraving/detailing (requires air compressor 90 psi) Attachment in: 1/4″ collet w/3/4″ shank
Air Spindle comes with Oil Trap Assembly and Case.


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CNC Jr ¾ HP Router Attachment with 1/4″ collet for Engraving or Fine Machining Detail with 23,000 RPM which can be attached to the Quill of the CNC Jr./Baron/Max Mill only. (requires 110VAC)….


CNC Jr Coolant Kit which includes computer control pump, tubing, magnetic base hose with two spray nozzles, 1-1/2 Gal. container, strainer, and assembly drawing.


JT33 Classic Drill Chuck with R8 collet attached.  Chuck Key included.


Quick Change Tool

Royal Products
Improve your production time.

Easy Change Master Holder


Easychange End Mill Holder, bore size 1/8″


Easychange End Mill Holder, bore size 3/16″


Easychange End Mill Holder, bore size 1/4″


Easychange End Mill Holder, bore size 3/8″


Easychange End Mill Holder, bore size 1/2″


Easychange End Mill Holder, bore size 5/8″


Easychange End Mill Holder, bore size 3/4″


Easychange Drill Chuck Adapter for J33 chuck


Easychange Drill Chuck Adapter for J2 chuck


52PC Clamping Set: 5/8? for the CNC Mills includes:

  • 24 Studs (4 of each): 3?, 4 “, 5 “, 6?, 7?, 8? long
  • 4 Coupling units
  • 6 Flange nuts
  • 6 Forced steel clamps, 2 each based on stud sets
  • 6 T-Nuts
  • 6 Steel step blocks
  • 1 Wall Rack


11 PC R8 Collet Set
Range in size from 1/8″ to 3/4″ by 1/16ths.


20 PC Titanium Coated End Mills Set

  • TIN coated for longer lasting
  • High Speed steel
  • Center Cutting, single end
  • Complete with wooden case.
  • 10pcs: 2 flute 3/16?-3/4? by 16ths
  • 10pcs: 4 flute 3/16?-3/4? by 16ths


CNC Jr./Baron/Max Splash Guard Shield Kit Protect most of your work area from coolant and debris. (Assembly and installation required.)


Software Packages

VisualCAD/CAM Software is ideal for the general machinist. This option gives you modeling, milling, and turning all into one software. This product is ideal for production machining (milling and lathe), rapid prototyping where ease of use and powerful toolpath generation methods are of paramount importance.

Standard Version Includes:

  • 2D & 3D Modeling, Mesh modeling
  • 2 1/2 Axis Milling
  • 3 Axis Milling
  • Drilling
  • TURN Module – 2 Axis Turning/Lathe programming module
  • ART Module – Artistic Modeling (Raster to Vector conversion, Pictures to 3D geometry…)
  • NEST Module – Parts Nesting (Rectangular and True-Shape Nesting)
  • First Year Maintenance included with your purchase from CNC Masters — this includes “direct tech support by phone, online connection, and email,” tutorials, and updates. You can opt to keep the maintenance package for a nominal annual subscription fee after your first year. If you choose not to keep this maintenance package, you still keep the license to your software.


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4th axis CAD

Upgrade to Expert mode 4th Axis CAM will allow indexing and continuous roughing and finishing operations to VisualCAD/CAM STD. Curve based continuous machining such as 4 Axis Facing, Pocketing, Profiling & Engraving as well as Surface/solids/meshes based machining such as Roughing, Finishing and Curve Projection machining are available for your CNC Masters Milling Machine. The EXP configuration also includes TURN, NEST and ART modules free of cost! Needless to say, direct tech support is also included with your purchase.


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What are the benefits of benchtop milling machines?

Benchtop milling has become more popular in recent years. As CNC machining grows in popularity and beginner users craft parts and items they need, many find benchtop milling machines perfect for their shop, especially at home.

Benchtop milling machines like the Jr. allow for precise crafting of smaller items. Because of its convenient size, the Jr is able to sit in smaller, tighter spaces like a home workshop.

And while benchtop milling machines are perfect for hobbyists and DIY machinists, the quality and craftsmanship you get is similar to that of a larger CNC machine. You just happen to get it in a mini size.

Whether you’ve owned or operated a CNC mill before or you’re just getting started, the Jr. is one of the best CNC milling machines on the market.’

How does the CNC Jr. compare to other benchtop milling machines on the market?

The CNC Jr. leads the way in terms of value, practicality, and precision.

Recommended for general CNC machining, 3D surface milling, and mold making. It includes a ready to run 3 axis CNC tabletop mill, user-friendly MASTER Software with G-CODE file interpreter, X & Y ball screws with pre-loaded ball nuts, and CNC Control Unit. (requires 115 AC).

  • Works with modern programs like Windows 10
  • Powerful X, Y, and Z-axis micro-stepper motors – size 34 with 1200 in/oz torque
  • Hand-wheels for manual option machining
  • X & Y Zero Backlash Ball Screws with Pre-loaded ball nuts to eliminate table play
  • X & Y Direct Drives – no timing belts to adjust

Affordable and easy to set up, you’ll be able to get started machining quickly once the Jr. arrives at your door.