Engraving Attachment

CNC Engraving Attachment

One of our oldest customers of roughly 20 years now sent us these engraving pics from their CNC Jr. Milling Machine. Their testimonials are the kind that keep us happy and pushing to drive some of the best relationships in the business.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the quality of the output this engraving attachment can create!

With the CNC Jr., Baron, Max, or Supra, there is no need to have a separate engraving machine. The optional engraving attachment combined with the 3-D machining ability of the CNC Jr., Baron, Max, or Supra, offers engravers creative opportunities not possible before. Furthermore, with the 4th axis rotary table, you can now engrave on curved surfaces! For example, you could scan the autograph of your favorite baseball player and engrave it on a bat, or you could have a pool cue engraved with your own unique design.

Ring showing scale of engravings

With CAD art files readily available in the market, you can machine just about any fun artistic piece:


CNC MASTERS offers Three Choices:

CNC Jr/Baron/Max Engraver Attachment

The engraving attachment, which is a 3/4 HP Router that has a maximum speed of 23,000 RPM, mounts on the same spindle axis. It can be quickly attached or removed with a single clamping screw. You will have 11″ of throat space or distance from the table to your router to machine your intricate details on your part. The router comes with a 1/4″ collet so any tool with a 1/4″ shaft will work. You can also use a reducing adaptor from 1/4″ shaft to 1/8″ holder for your tools that have 1/8″ shaft. (The Router Attachment is designed for the CNC Jr., Baron Table Top Mill, and Max milling machine and requires 110v power.)

Air Turbine Air Spindle Attachment

The air spindle is made for mass production engraving applications 2D and 2.5D.  The spindle runs off your air compressor at 90 psi.  It comes with a 3/4″ shank to easily mount to your spindle with R8 collet.  It has a maximum speed of 40,000 RPM to engrave detail after detail.  The air spindle comes with a 1/8″ collet.

The jewelry design in this picture was from our satisfied customer in the jewelry business using the CNC Jr Mill and the Air Turbine Air Spindle. Design is by Nouveau, Inc. in Bersa, OH.

CNC Supra Engraver Attachment

The engraving attachment has a maximum speed of 30,000 RPM, mounts to the side of the quill. It can be quickly attached or removed with a single clamping screw.

These pictures(above and bottom) were sent to us from another satisfied customer using the CNC Supra along with 4th Axis and Supra Engraver.

….”I decided to buy the rotary table at same time as the CNC SUPRA machine itself. Thank the Lord ’cause about a month later I had a gear cutting job come in for 100 gears at $150 a pop! Paid for the thing 15 times over! The Supra Engraver was a great idea!”
–Ed Holdgate, Florida USA