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For versatility and precision, few machine tools can beat a desktop CNC milling machine. A good tabletop CNC machine provides operators with a range of features, from a small machine footprint to high-precision controls. As such, these machines are perfect for small businesses and companies looking to expand their offerings.

Desktop CNC Machines for Hobbyists and Professionals Alike

Like its woodworking counterpart, the desktop CNC router, the best desktop machine combines a number of quality features in a reliable, well-built package. That means variable spindle speed, control software that is easy to learn and operate, a robust power supply, and the best quality cast iron frame. The idea is to take the best features of a full-size industrial milling machine and offer them in a machine with a smaller footprint, better suited for a small business or small workshop.

While desktop milling machines often have a reduced cutting area, they are still capable of working with a variety of metals and similar materials. Many of the small shops and home workshops that purchase desktop milling machines are looking for a reliable machine that provides versatility alongside good quality.

Finding the Ideal Desktop CNC Machine

The best CNC routers and milling machines are able to cut hard materials and soft materials, including plastics and aluminum, across a wide range of applications. That’s why you’ll find benchtops mills everywhere from a small shop to an R&D department

At CNC Masters, we offer three of the best Table Top Milling Machines available online. Each one is a desktop CNC mill built to provide the most power in a compact package at an affordable price. Whatever your project and whatever your material, from metal to plastics, CNC Masters machines allow you to create whatever you need. All you’ll need to harness the full precision and control of these benchtop mills is a computer, a bit of time, and a willingness to learn.

These are complete 3-axis machines; X, Y, and Z-axis. They are fully G-code programmable, and compatible with a number of existing CAD/CAM programs and open source software. CNC Masters milling machines have enough power to tackle any project, and all the precision and control necessary to complete it to the highest standards.

What makes a great desktop CNC mill?

We know that purchasing a CNC milling machine is a big investment, so we strive to ensure that all of our CNC milling machines for sale are built and tested to meet our exact specifications.

We source the best possible parts for our milling machines from all over the world and then assemble them ourselves. This allows us to put our stamp of approval on our mills at the end of the process, and it also allows our buyers to do their CNC milling without worrying about the CNC machines they are using.

You can produce a lot of parts with our milling machines at once or just a few, and you can have complete confidence in the CNC machines producing high precision parts reliably and consistently.

How much is a CNC milling machine?

The typical investment is in the high thousands of dollars. Enterprise milling machines often cost 6-figures; that includes industrial horizontal mills, which are often placed on production lines to churn out tens of thousands of identical parts.

Our CNC mills are built to be high-quality and affordable, providing hobbyists and small-scale professionals with the high-level tools they need to handle any project, no matter how ambitious. Please call us with any questions you may have.

How much is a hobby CNC machine?

Most hobbyists look for a smaller desktop mill to provide all the power they need for larger projects, without taking on a price tag that is beyond their reach. CNC Masters tabletop milling machines start at $5,800, providing an affordable option packed with features.

Should I buy a used CNC machine?

Due to the high price tag, many hobbyists look for used machines. If that’s you, CNC Masters carry several used machines for every price range. Owning a CNC machine can increase your profit margins and be a significant saving for your business, but purchasing a CNC machine can be a big investment. Price is something that shouldn’t keep you from the best CNC router. If you’re looking to try machining out for the first time and have a thin budget, we offer used machines for sale at highly discounted prices.

Are vertical milling machines better than horizontal milling machines?

Vertical and horizontal milling machines are quite different. Vertical mills are usually smaller, cheaper, and easier to use than horizontal mills. However, horizontal machining centers are better suited for large-scale industrial applications.

A desktop CNC milling machine shares a number of characteristics with a desktop CNC router. Both are oriented in largely the same way, with a workpiece fixed to a bed beneath a rotating cutting tool.

What is a desktop CNC milling machine?

A desktop CNC milling machine is a milling machine that fits on a desktop or benchtop. It is a smaller but comparable version to a full-size milling machine.

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Our custom CNC Software is included with every purchase of our CNC mills, CNC lathes, and router machines. Run our CNC Software on Windows 10, Touch Screen Desktop, or Laptop PC by standard USB port connection.

We offer two of the best Table Top Milling Machines:

All of our desktop milling machines come in under $10,000, providing an accessible, professional option for hobbyists and trained machinists alike.