About Us

At CNC Masters, we take the quality of our milling machines very seriously. We provide the finest CNC machines across the country and our quality and service is second to none. Are you a machinist looking for Motion Control to get ahead in product development or a business manager needing to mass-produce parts faster than machining parts manually? Whatever your need we have your solution.

Business owners, machinists, scientists, researchers, teachers, and even hobbyists appreciate the superior quality and competitively low price of CNC Masters’ milling machines and lathes.

For more than 20 years, CNC Masters has been in operation, providing the industry CNC milling and turning products at competitive prices. The parts for our machines are made domestic and foreign, allowing us to bring the savings to you. However, all parts are shipped to us in Irwindale, CA USA where we build our own complete line of CNC mills and CNC lathes right here in the United States. We build our own proven controllers, and have written our own operating software for our machines. We quality test our machines here in Irwindale, CA and provide you direct tech support by email or telephone on any aspect of our product from the mechanics to the electronics, to the operating software, and even your tool path program that you need help on for as long as you own the machine. So you can be rest assured that you are dealing with a company that genuinely cares about the products it sells, and the operators who chose to do business with CNC Masters.

Contact Information

You are welcome to call our office to inquire about any of our products or simply send us an email with the questions you have. We’ll reply back with the answers to your questions so you will be better informed about our CNC products. Email us anytime at: sales@cncmasters.com. Call us at: (626) 932-9300 Looking forward to receiving your inquiry! — CNC MASTERS Customer Service