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The History Of CNC Lathe Machines

May 13th, 2020

Today, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) forms a crucial part of the manufacturing process, able to producing components precisely and repetitively with ease. Computer numerical control is more of a contemporary concept in the production and manufacturing industries. But CNC harkens its idea back to the numerical control basics. Prior to the lathe getting computerized, the… Read more »

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What CNC Lathes are and How They Work

March 30th, 2020

If you’re new to the CNC industry, you’ve probably got lots of questions. At CNC Masters, we’ve been CNC machinery for over 30 years and love helping our clients, students, and others find helpful information. If you’ve wondered what a CNC lathe is and what functions it serves, we’ve got you covered. There are many… Read more »

Excellent Service for Our CNC Turning Centers Is Guaranteed

February 8th, 2018

At CNC masters, we understand the value of product dependability. That’s why all of our turning centers are manufactured to the highest standards of quality. We take great pride in building versatile and easy-to-use products that stand the test of time. To further demonstrate our faith in our products’ quality and reliability, we also offer… Read more »

CNC Turning is Great for Precision Metalwork

November 15th, 2017

Because of their durability and strength, metals must undergo a series of processes to transform them into usable products. One such procedure is called turning. In turning, a metal rod is rotated while a tool situated on a parallel axis is used to cut the metal surface. Although this process was traditionally carried out with… Read more »

Essential Features to Expect From a CNC Desktop Lathe

October 26th, 2017

The CNC desktop lathe is the natural extension of larger, freestanding CNC machines. Despite its size, a desktop lathe can still perform many of the same functions that larger units can, albeit at a smaller scale. These machines are also usually designed with powerful control technology built in, and they typically feature the same components… Read more »

An Introduction to Modern CNC Lathes

October 18th, 2017

The basic idea of the lathe—a tool that combines rotation and cutting to smooth and shape materials—is thousands of years old. There is even evidence that the Romans and other ancient cultures used lathes as far back as the third century BC. Modern lathes, including computer numerical controlled lathes, or CNC lathes, bring new power and… Read more »

The 1440 CNC Lathe: Built for the Modern Machinist

September 29th, 2017

Before the invention of computer numerical controlled lathes such as the CNC Masters 1440 Lathe, machinists needed a lot of skill and patience because everything was done by hand. The process was tedious and required great stamina. Because the operation was entirely manual, it was also much more prone to errors. Coupling lathes with computers… Read more »

Using a CNC Table Top Lathe

September 1st, 2017

A CNC table top lathe is practically identical larger CNC machines, only on a smaller scale. Basically, the table top versions of these lathes were specifically designed for turning parts six inches in diameter or less. In many cases, a small tabletop lathe is actually more versatile than larger alternatives thanks to its powerful threading… Read more »

3 Reasons Hobbyists Need the CNC Lathe 1440

April 27th, 2015

With so many choices of lathes to choose from, how would a hobbyist know what is best suited for them? The CNC Lathe 1440 is one that offers many desirable features. Manual Control For some designs, you will want to have a program that can easily take the turning applications and make them into beautiful… Read more »

Why The CNC Masters 1340 Is Right For Your Business

February 18th, 2015

When you’re in the manufacturing business, the last thing you can afford is time. A prolonged project stalls sales and clogs up the pipeline of productivity. It could even lead to outsourcing, which is an additional delay that will only eat up more money. That’s why you need equipment you can depend on to get… Read more »