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VisualCAD/CAM Standard Software


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CAD Creation / Editing Tools

  • 2D and 3D CAD Creation
  • Layers
  • Unlimited Undo
  • Clipboard
  • True Type Font Text
  • Measuring Tools

2 1/2 Axis Milling

  • Pocketing
  • Profiling
  • Engraving
  • Facing
  • V-Carving
  • Hole-Milling
  • Thread Milling

3-Axis Milling

  • Horizontal Roughing
  • Parallel Finishing
  • Horizontal Roughing

Hole Making

  • Automatic Hole Selection, Sorting
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Boring
  • Reverse Boring
  • User-defined drilling cycles

Toolpath Simulation

  • Toolpath Animation
  • Cut Material Simulation

Post-Processor Generator

  • User customizable post-processor generator
  • User defined cycles
  • Helix Output
  • Spiral Output
  • Simulate Cycles

X-Pert DNC

  • Direct numerical control

MetaCut Utilities

  • GCode Analysis Verification Tool

4 Axis Milling (Add-On Only)

  • 4-Axis Indexed Machining
  • 4-Axis Continuous Rotary Machining
  • 4-Axis Continuous Rotary Engraving
  • 4-Axis Parallel Roughing

Price & Summary Details

Try out VisualMill demo with your existing CAD drawings.

Video: Using Rhino CAD & VisualMill CAM Software

CAD-CAM software is an integral part to any CNC milling machine. You can machine just about any part using the software from CNC Masters.

If you have a CAD software program already and need a CAM software to produce your G-Codes, the VisualMill CAM STD will be a worthy investment to generate your drawings into G-Codes. The Master Operating software of your CNC Masters milling machines will read your codes and machine your part according to your drawing.

2½, and 3 Axis Milling features come included with the Windows-based VisualMill STD software package. A 4th axis option is available for purchase as an ADD-ON upgrading your CAM software from Standard to Expert. Either package includes the VisualMill CAM engine and product licenses for the life of the software, DXF, IGS, STL translator, other CAD imports and configurable post-processor. One year customer maintenance service includes phone, email and web-based access is also included with your purchase. Additional Annual Maintenance Service (AMS) contracts are available on or before the conclusion of your first year at an additional fee.

This is a general purpose machining program targeted at the general machinist. This product is ideal for the rapid-prototyping, hobby and educational markets where ease of use is a paramount requirement. Packed with sufficiently powerful manufacturing methods this easy to use package is not only effective but also attractively priced for the budget conscious or entry level buyer.

Available file imports include: IGES, Rhino, Dxf, Dwg, STL, VRML, RAW, Point Cloud.




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