MX Electric Edge Finder and Z Axis Touch Plate

  • Stainless Steel 1/2″ MX Electro Edge Finder and 1/4″ Touch Plate. 
  • Easily locate the edge of any metal piece.
  • Record this offset position for any tool size.  
  • Find the corner.  This Edge Finder, with a couple of clicks, will automatically touch each wall and will find center line of your corner.
  • Use it to locate that edge or center of an inside pocket.
  • Low profile touch plate.  Drive the cutter down to the touch plate and the Z axis will offset the touch plate giving you a perfect Z0.0 kissing the top of your part every time.
  • Zeroing has never been easier with the MX Software that comes with your CNC Masters Machine.
  • Find the edge of circular or rectangular parts — inside or outside, no problem.