Top 10 Reasons to Choose CNC Masters


We’ve been asked many times–YOUR PRICES ARE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! The FACT is that our CNC milling machines and lathes are affordable in price because we engineered and designed our CNC driving system. Our controller is manufactured in house here in the USA. We do not buy our system.

We keep a low overhead in our expenses thus bringing the savings to you. This is why CNC Masters should be your one stop for all of your cnc mill and lathe needs. We have several “real”  testimonials from customers who are very happy with our CNC machinery.  We’ve been around the block many times since 1990.  So we know our cnc machines can be put into production forty hours a week machining your applications.


In keeping our prices low, we opened the door to large companies who need to machine a simple part all day everyday without sacrificing one of their larger more expensive cnc machines. We opened the door for small business entrepreneurs around the world seeking to develop and mass-produce their product for the market. We opened the door to retired men and women seeking to expand their hobby efforts into a small crafts business. We opened the door to many University and College R & D labs around the world to develop and machine their own parts in house. We opened the door to several high schools who are on limited budgets for their Machine Shop classes using our CNC Masters machinery. It is hard enough for a business to get off the ground, and we pride ourselves in helping businesses manufacture their own parts without having to outsource them.

Here are the TOP TEN REASONS why our customers to choose to do business with CNC Masters:

  1. Low in Price without sacrificing quality. In fact our competitors have actually had to lower their price just to compete against us, and duplicate our line of cnc machines!
  2. TURN-KEY OPERATION!! Easy to Use–people who have never machined before in their life have found our CNC machines easy to learn and operate. Start machining in minutes after you un-crate your machine! No calibration, no tuning required! Plug in your Windows computer by standard USB, load in the MX software which comes with the machine, and you are ready to make chips!
  3. Unlimited life-long detailed Step-by-Step Tech Support to trouble shoot and solve your tech issue by email or phone during normal business hours for as long as you own the CNC Masters machine. (There is a nominal support charge for second hand owners.)
  4. Our CNC Driving System and software is engineered and manufactured by CNC MASTERS in the USA, no third parties to deal with. We will never bounce you to another vendor for your mechanical or controller issues.
  5. Discounted Prices even more for our existing customers purchasing another CNC machine.
  6. Free Master Software Updates for as long as the hardware can support it; you will receive an email with attachment when an update is made upon request.
  7. Innovative Features–compare our CNC Masters FEATURES if you shop around. You will note that we offer stronger features such as: micro-stepping instead of stepping motion, powerful torque on the three or four axis motors, direct drives with hand wheels on the X and Y to manually drive your axes if that is your preference. No belts to adjust, home references to save your zero position, and limit switches at all opposite end of travels on the X, Y and Z axes.
  8. PC Windows Operated. Plugs in through USB! No serial ports, and no outdated parallel printer ports required! Windows computer are sold everywhere. Nothing out of the ordinary needed like Linux operating systems or other customized operating systems.
  9. If the need should arise to replace parts, CNC MASTERS will make every effort to quickly replace those parts. We will walk you step by step to replace the part at no charge for as long as your company owns the cnc masters machine. Most parts are in stock for overnight shipping.
  10. We build our machines here in Irwindale, California, USA! We treat our employees well to ensure that our machines leave our shop with the quality that you expect. We use parts from all over the world namely: USA, Taiwan, China, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Germany, and Indonesia to build our machines. All parts are carefully inspected prior to building the machines. We are the ones who prove the accuracy, reliability, and consistency on these machines before we package and crate for freight to you. In other words, you are not getting a cnc machine that comes directly from an overseas factory to your doorstep.