CNC SUPRA® Vertical Knee Mill Retrofit Kit




Enhance Your Existing CNC Machine with Our CNC SUPRA Vertical Knee Mill Retrofit Kit!

***Test out the Master MX to run your Supra Mill and be sure to check out the video here:  Master MX Intro Video

  • Improve the productivity of your milling machine with automation technology!
  • Easy Turn-Key Operation
  • No Fancy Setups Required
  • Easy to Use for Both Beginner and Experienced Machinists

Retrofit your own Vertical Knee Mill Bridgeport Copy-Type 9×42″ or 9×49″ Table with 12″ Knee with our complete, three axis CNC Kit for the low price of $5,148. Need other options? Check out our complete CNC SUPRA Mill.

Have a larger forehead on the J-Head? The motor can be positioned upside-down as well.

Your CNC Vertical Knee Mill will take about eight hours to complete.

Your Three Axis Kit comes complete with:

  • Powerful X, Y, & Z micro-stepper motors. The minimum possible motion is .0002″ with a minimum feed of 0.5″ per minute.
  • The maximum is 100″ per minute. X and Y are size 34 pre-wired with 1500 in/oz. of torque and the Z is size 34 pre-wired with 1200 in/oz. of torque.
  • A micro-stepper motor control unit with built-in USB interface
  • X, Y, Z Zero Backlash Ball Screws with pre-loaded ball nuts to eliminate play on the table, block, and quill travels to provide precision machining.
  • Home/Limit Switches for all extreme ends of X, Y, & Z travel allowing you to confidently test your program without having to worry about an axis traveling to its end, causing machine damage.
  • Our MX Operating software is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 – 64 bit systems
  • The control unit plugs in by standard USB port, no additional hardware or computer conversion required.

Click here to view our full specs on the CNC SUPRA Master Operating Software

CNC Masters understands that many older NC machines are among the best for reliability and durability, but the controlling systems are outdated or simply impossible to maintain and repair. As such, outdated machines are often left in a corner and forgotten. With CNC Masters, an older machine can be revitalized, bringing added productivity and efficiency to any shop. By installing our CNC Vertical Knee Mill Retrofit Kit, any shop can breathe new life into old machines.

Installing our retrofit kits into an older machine improves productivity and efficiency. CNC technology allows machinists to fabricate parts with little interaction with the machine itself, and CNC machines can be programmed to create large production runs automatically. Since the operation of CNC machines is incredibly easy to learn, novices can create complex designs using CAD by loading the design into a CAM with one single click.

While our retrofit kits are designed to be installed easily, even by just one person, performing modifications on any CNC machine can be intimidating. Our staff consists purely of trained professionals whose main goal is to help our customers.  We will walk you through any trouble shooting, repairs, or provide instruction as you convert your machine.  Contact us for any questions regarding your CNC SUPRA Vertical Knee Mill Retrofit Kit.

Customer Testimonial:

“For those of you out there who are considering a conversion of any Bridgeport or Bridgeport clone knee mill, please allow me to advise you to give serious consideration to the CNC Masters kit. It is a complete kit, and is extremely well-designed with great consideration given to make it easy to assemble with a minimum of work to the mill itself. Working by myself and following the instructions, I had no problems of any kind with respect to alignment or any other issues.

In running the mill, repeatability is as advertised. As is accuracy. My mill is equipped with X and Y DRO, and the coordinates called for on the computer are matched by the DRO indications within 2 to 4 ten-thousandths EVERY time! Measurements of repeat runs are even better than that!

I searched a long time for a kit, and given CNC Masters’ design and manufacturing quality, and including ease of conversion, I could not find anything that even came close to matching it. Neither could I find anything close to this price.

Lastly, CNC Masters has been one of the most accommodating companies I have ever dealt with. All things considered, this was one of the best decisions I have made, and a huge step in having more capability.”

— M. Morris, Marysville, CA

Introducing the CNC SUPRA Vertical Knee Mill Retrofit Kit

The CNC Vertical Knee Mill Retrofit Kit was created with the hands-on operator in mind. Now you can upgrade your current operation to modern specifications while avoiding excessive improvement costs. One immediate benefit is that you can better understand the operation of your equipment and keep costs down to a minimum.

We also recognize that even the do-it-yourselfer is not expected to know all the ins and outs of building a functional and reliable CNC vertical knee mill, which is why we have a team of professionals just a phone call away who are ready to assist you through any difficult stage of putting it together.

Most importantly, the CNC SUPRA Vertical Knee Mill Retrofit Kit helps you save both time and money. When you have the necessary components to upgrade and improve your existing equipment, it will no longer be obsolete. Recognizing the investment most shop operators make in their existing machines, we are all for maximizing your return on investment by modernizing perfectly good equipment already in use on your premises.

CNC Masters is dedicated to providing the best equipment and kits to our customer base. Rather than encouraging a wholesale upgrade of your expensive equipment through new models, we prefer the practical method of finding ways to bring you up to speed without a significant additional outlay of your hard earned dollars. One way to accomplish this is through the use of the CNC Vertical Knee Mill Retrofit Kit.

Aside from upgrading your equipment with the use of our kits, you can also take it a step further with our selection of CNC mill accessories. Made to complement our retrofit kits, the accessories we provide include hand-held remotes, CAD-CAM software to reduce design errors, and engraving attachments. These accessories further improve precision and control over your retrofitted milling machine while saving on time and costs.

Remember that CNC Masters is always standing by ready to give you the assistance you need to keep your production line humming and creating products for your customers. We know the value of satisfying our customers; we also understand the worth of assisting our satisfied clients in retaining their own customer line by ensuring that our equipment meets your operating needs while maximizing production results.

Our pride is in offering you machines and accessories made with the user in mind. Let us provide you with all your machining needs today! If you have any inquiries regarding the CNC SUPRA Vertical Knee Mill Retrofit Kit, feel free to contact us.

Price & Summary Details

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

CNC SUPRA Vertical Knee Mill Retrofit Kit Tolerances

Accuracy+/- 0.003" in 12" (+/- 0.00025 per inch)
Repeatabilitywithin 0.0005"
Resolution0.0002" (or .01 mm) of linear motion on the X,Y, and Z



CNC SUPRA® Vertical Knee Mill Features

  • Home Reference Sensors on the X, Y, & Z which saves your home/zero position as the first line of your program. This feature allows you to quickly return to the home position on any program without having to manually zero your three axes again
  • Tool Height Compensation with Automatic Quill Retraction for easy R8 collet tool change
  • Tool Radius Offset Compensation
  • Easy to Use Jogging Features and Feed Control
  • Jog-Input Command automatically writes each line of your toolpath as you manually jog each axis by pc mouse, keyboard, or the optional hand held remote control joystick to save as a program for repeat use.
  • Software Power Feed capabilities on X, Y, Z, and W with one click of the pc mouse for exact relative driving distance.
  • Run your tool path from any line on your program
  • 3 Axis or 4 Axis CNC Control Unit which mounts on the back of your mill and drives your system.
  • Master Software with G-CODE file interpreter; works with your Windows 7 or Windows XP Pro
  • Hand-Wheels for each axis. These hand-wheels mount directly behind each motor, giving you manual option for the machining of quick and simple parts that do not require programming.
  • All hardware supplied with easy-to-follow instructions for the conversion of your mill.

Other Great Features that comes with your KIT

  • X & Y Direct Drives–no belts to adjust. This results in smoother operations and ensures accuracy unlike pulley and belt drive methods which can cause the belt to buckle causing inaccurate results. This unique design of direct drive keeps the user without having the need to change the belt or adjust as it wears down.
  • No bulky large motor brackets that house the belts on the X & Y
  • Full 3 Axis coordinated motion control, or hand-operated control
  • Easy-to-follow instructions with pictures to convert your mill
  • Easy mounting of Z Axis bracket ball screw motor assembly to Quill with alignment reference guides for Quill Drive
  • Easy precision alignment setup of the X & Y ball screws to your machine
  • Control Unit mounts on side of your machine and hooks up to your PC
  • Pre-engineered for you when it comes to pitch and resolution. No axis or motor tuning needed at setup. No additional parameters set-up required. Display resolution is 0.0001 micro-stepping travel. Just start using it.
  • Since this is not a complicated servo system, you do not need to tune up anything for optimum performance. Our design uses a micro-stepping system “already” pre-designed for optimum performance.
  • Ready-to-Operate System: As soon as all hardware conversion on your mill is done, install the software on your PC, plug the Control Unit to your PC, turn it on, and you are ready to program your parts to machine!
  • Runs files from popular CAD-CAM softwares that produce standard G-Codes such as Mastercam, Surfcam, etc to machine and engrave intricate and detailed parts
  • Load DXF files from graphic programs such as CorelDRAW into CAM softwares to machine or engrave detailed parts from scanned images
  • Easily build a file of commands to machine simple parts without the need to learn or use a CAD-CAM program
  • Can add hand held remote control, engraving attachment, fourth axis, quick tool change, computer control coolant assembly–providing your machine contains a built in tank from our line of accessories to your newly assembled CNC Mill. The Hand Held Remote Control is an optional accessory which is mounted to your Supra’s Z axis with Velcro as shown in the picture above.
  • Easy to learn and operate, especially if you already know how to mill
  • Digital Read Out Display of your X, Y, Z, (and optional W) counters on your computer screen in INCHES or METRIC using your PC mouse, keyboard, or our optional Hand Held Remote Control.
  • Unlimited “life-long” operational Tech Support step-by-step trouble shooting and walk-through process by email or phone support Monday-Friday PST during normal business hours for as long as your company owns the product.
  • Free Master Software Updates for as long as the control unit hardware supports it.
  • Discounted Prices for Existing Customers of CNC MASTERS
  • Computer Controlled Variable Spindle is an “optional add-on” to your kit if you have a three phase 3 HP Motor. Click here to learn more about the variable spindle computer control.

These signs were made by one our happy customers after he converted his manual mill to CNC using the CNC Supra Retrofit Kit and the fonts from a CAD-CAM.

We provide you with “easy-to-follow” detailed instructions on how to mount the motors directly onto your mill with our easy-to-mount brackets just like in the pictures. The instructions will also show you how to install all the other features that are included in your kit such as your ball screws and Control Unit.

IMPROVE THE PRODUCTIVITY OF YOUR MILLING MACHINE with automation technology! Why spend thousands more on a new CNC Milling Machine if you already own a bridgeport-type vertical knee mill 9×42 or 9×49 table, 12″ knee? Put it to use, and design parts with ease using CNC Masters technology!

All components and accessories on the CNC SUPRA Retrofit Kit are individually tested for quality assurance before shipment. The CNC SUPRA Retrofit Kit is backed up by our ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY! Tech Support by email at [email protected] or phone (626) 962-9300 is available during normal business hours Monday through Friday, PST. See our warranty for details.

If your mill looks like the model in the thumbnail picture above with a 9×42/49 Table and a 12″ Knee, and has Quill Face like in these close-up pictures below or like the BRIDGEPORT SERIES 1 J-HEAD, then the CNC Supra Kit will work for the conversion of your machine!

If the top part of the Head comes forward as in the third picture above, the Z Axis Motor and Bracket can be mounted reversed so it does not cause interference with head of your machine. A simple reversal of the motor wires will allow you to retain the correct pos/neg motion. The top and bottom reference faces can have an un-even surface as shown in the pic above or have a flat surface as well.

In approximately 8 hours you should be ready to operate your newly retrofitted milling machine with CNC power!*

MX Software Included

MX Software Included

Try out the new Master MX.  The MX works exclusively with the CNC Masters MX Numerical Control Units now being built with our CNC milling and lathe machines.  The MX software is included with your CNC Masters Machine.

Master MX interface

Download Master MX slide presentation in PDF

Click here to view list of Videos demonstrating the Master Software

Easy Wizard Cycles for quick tool path creations such circle patterns and profiles, slots, rectangular pocketing, thread milling, rigid tapping (with optional encoder kit) and peck drilling applications.

One of many Cycle Wizards On this window, create a circular pocket without using CAD and CAM software.

One of many Cycle Wizards On this window, create a circular pocket without using CAD and CAM software.

CNC machine your own gears and splines adding a cnc fourth axis.

CNC machine your own gears and splines adding a cnc fourth axis.

Easily create a helical movement driving X, Y and Z at the same for thread milling.

Easily create a helical movement driving X, Y and Z at the same for thread milling.

Circle Drilling
Do all sorts of drilling cycles from high speed pecking to deep hole drilling operations.

Do all sorts of drilling cycles from high speed pecking to deep hole drilling operations.

Rigid Tapping CNC Masters mills
Rectangular cnc pocket
  • Import FANUC based G and M code programs from your CAM software. We also offer Visualmill CAM as an option which comes with a guaranteed post processor made for CNC Masters machinery.
    G00 = Position (Fast speed)
    G01 = Linear interpolation (Feed speed)
    G02 = Circular interpolation (CW)
    G03 = Circular Counter-clockwise interpolation (CCW) Format: X__Y__I__J__ I,J are relative distance from start to center.  Z can be added for helical designs. G40 = Cancels G41 and/or G42
    G41 = Tool Radius compensation left
    G42 = Tool Radius compensation right
    G70 = Input in inches
    G71 = Input in millimeters
    G73 = High-Speed Peck Drilling Cycle
    G81 = Drilling Cycle
    G82 = Counter Boring Cycle
    G80 = Cancel Cycle
    G83 = Deep Hole Peck Drilling Cycle
    G90 = Absolute move (Modal)
    G91 = Relative/Incremental move (Modal)M00 = Pause
    M03 = Spindle on
    M04 = Spindle on reverse
    M05 = Spindle off
    M08 = Coolant on
    M09 = Coolant off
    M30 = End program
  • Don’t know G-codes?  Use Conversational Commands from our Pick Menu and simply type in your coordinates or mix it in with G-code commands right in the Editor.
  • View your tool path program in 2D or 3D in Simulation Mode.
  • Use your touch screen monitor – desktop or laptop – Windows 8 or 10 – 64 bit operating systems to drive your CNC machine in pendant style.
  • The MX is designed for PC use.  Dedicate your PC or or order from us an All in One Touch Screen Computer with mounting arm for your machine.
  • No additional hardware needed.  Plugs in by simple USB connection.  The CNC Masters MX Control Unit is built with direct USB connection.  No internal port conversions or having to use other hard-to-locate platforms.

The MX supports…

  • Tool Height Compensation up to 30 Tools within one program
  • Tool Radius Offsets
  • Feed Hold – step through each line in the program while opting to shut the spindle off and then resume program
  • Pause in the middle of a program and step through one line at a time
  • Coolant Control – optional
  • Variable Spindle Control from 0 to max – optional
  • Spindle Encoder for rigid tapping – optional
  • Jog Feed/Teach Mode –  create a program simply by jogging your axes
  • Feed and Spindle Speed Over-Rides on the fly
  • Relative exact movement positioning without writing a program  — type in one movement and one-click your jog +/- arrow to drive that exact movement
  • Start from another location other than 0.00 – just preset the new coordinates directly into the counters
  • Press Go from another location in your program to drive your cutter
  • Save your 0.00 position as well as a home offset position for future program runs
  • Live Counter Display during computer numerical control movement without jumping ahead
  • Displays and runs in either inches or millimeters
  • 4th axis interpolation – simultaneous motion with the other axes – optional
  • Rapids up to 100″/minute
  • Trace Mode – Run one line independently at a time from beginning to end in your program to help you study the movement and establish your setup
  • Editor Locked/Unlocked to easily write and edit your program and prevent accidental typing during a program run
  • Displays Run Time
  • Hot Keys – if your preference is to control your machine by keyboard such as the arrows, space bar, and letters simply open the Hot Keys command
  • Run Sub-Routine programs using CALL for nesting applications or to mass produce the same part on a constant loop.
  • Disable Motors — Easily disable motors to hand crank each axis.  Re-engage the motors for cnc control in one click.

Check out the New Master MX

Give us a call at 626-962-9300 to request your free demo of the MX Software.

Questions?  Email us at [email protected].



John runs his own business. He has a cad design he needs to have machined but is unsure what his best option is. He knows he could work with a third party machine shop but without a large bulk order this is expensive, time-consuming and frustrating to deal with. Orders can be late, parts made incorrectly and John is stuck dealing with someone outside of his organization. What if he could machine his own designs in house, cheaply and easily?

With CNC Masters he can. CNC Masters offers high quality, affordable machining products and software that give business owners flexibility and control over their machining process. With the CNC Masters machine, John can machine a single piece to prototype his latest invention, or turn out production runs 40 hours a week.

Our Master software is easy to learn and with cam software being so intuitive John can quickly take a cad drawing, convert it into a tool path program and import it into the Maters software to run his CNC Masters machine. Meaning John will be automatically machining his part in no time and you can too; With CNC Masters, keep profit margins high by owning your own machine. Just install the software on to your PC, load your cad drawing and let the cam software do the rest. Plus, you are never alone.

CNC Masters tech support is included as long as you have a CNC Masters machine. We will help you troubleshoot mechanics, electronics, and the Master software directly by phone or email. Now that’s support! The ROI is undeniable. Contact CNC Masters today and get started milling your own parts.

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