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CNC Masters is the premier source for CNC mills, milling machines, and CNC lathes. Our high-quality CNC products range from tabletop CNC milling machines to the classic Bridgeport-type vertical mill.

Industry leading CNC milling machines

Increase your ROI and keep profit margins high with your own CNC machine.

Working with third-party machining centers can be incredibly expensive, especially if you are testing a CAD design or only making a few products. Instead, keep profit margins high and increase your ROI with your own CNC machine. Check out our video to learn more about how CNC Masters can help your business grow.

Elite Products
at Competitive Prices

We strive to provide innovative technologies to the CNC machining industry by offering elite products at competitive prices. Our CNC control and operating software is designed to be user-friendly. It’s easy to learn and program, regardless if used for production or prototyping. Our CNC mills can be used for metalworking and woodworking applications, as well as many other industrial machining needs.


Lathes & CNC Milling Machines Built
in Irwindale, California USA

If you’re looking for a way to take your manufacturing business to the next level or keep trade secrets close, you’ve come to the right place.

We have a wide range of products that not only allow you to keep the entire manufacturing process in-house, but also help you save on space with a smaller footprint.

With our CNC milling machines and cutting tools, there’s no need to invest in more floor space for your business or hobby.

One way our products stand out from the rest on the market is the way our machines have integrated the best aspects of manual mills and lathes with CNC capabilities. With this design, many of our customers accustomed to manual controls find it easy to learn the ropes of CNC machines. We also offer CNC conversion kits for transition users. For the DIYer, we offer benchtop CNC milling machines like the CNC Jr

Want to invest in a CNC lathe but are not sure if you can provide the space for one? Here at CNC Masters, you can find lathes with small footprints that can easily rival the performance of bigger ones on the market. Both our 1340 CNC Lathe and 1440 CNC Lathe also have the ability to seamlessly revert back to manual controls for ease of use. 

All our CNC machines are backed by our expert support team that will readily provide you with guidance from setting up to troubleshooting any problems with the product.

If you’d like to know what others have been saying about the CNC machine they’ve bought from us, check out our customer testimonials.

It is without saying that this is the best machine for your money on the market today. And the customer support that you will get from CNC MASTERS and their techs is second to none!! THANKS AGAIN!!

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the ROI of a CNC Machine

Working with a third-party machine shop can be incredibly expensive, especially if you are testing a CAD design or only making a few products. Instead, keep profit margins high and increase your ROI with your own CNC machine. Check out our video to learn more about how CNC Masters can help your business grow.

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