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“I decided to buy the rotary table at same time as the CNC SUPRA machine itself. Thank the Lord ’cause about a month later I had a gear cutting job come in for 100 gears at $150 a pop! Paid for the thing 15 times over! The Supra Engraver was a great idea!”
–Ed Holdgate, Florida USA

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You will find that the ease of use and extreme rigidity offered in its design will result in your ability to engrave a superior product using the CNC SUPRA Mill. This product will ensure your ability to machine units at far greater efficiency and cost effectiveness than comparable air driven units. The RotoZip® brand (Manufactured by BOSCH) is a proven workhorse capable of delivering the power and dependability that is needed in our modern machine shop environments. The RotoZip® runs at 30,000 RPMs. Because the unit mounts directly to the quill (Z axis), maximum rigidity is guaranteed. It also provides maximum distance to the table for ample machining space. The CNC SUPRA Engraver Attachment is designed for the user looking for a low cost solution for his/her engraving needs using the CNC SUPRA Milling Machine. (5 amp power, runs on 120v only, contains 1/8, 5/32, & 1/4 collets)


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