Peter Jacobs

Peter Jacobs is the Senior Director of Marketing at CNC Masters, a leading supplier of CNC mills, milling machines, and CNC lathes. He is actively involved in manufacturing processes and regularly contributes his insights for various blogs in CNC machining, 3D printing, rapid tooling, injection molding, metal casting, and manufacturing in general. You can connect with him on his LinkedIn.

Peter Jacobs
cnc jr mini mill guide

The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing The Best Milling Machine

Milling machines are among the most commonly used machine tools in modern manufacturing. You’ll find them in everything from major assembly lines to small tool-and-die shops, and just about anywhere in between. Just about every industry uses milling machines, from mini mills in high-end scientific labs to the automotive industry. Milling machines are popular with

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example graphic of 5 axis cnc

Which is Better? 3-Axis, 4-Axis, and 5-Axis CNC Machines

3-axis, fully-manual machine tools built much of modern manufacturing. American-made tools from world-famous manufacturers were built of rugged cast iron, and in the hands of a skilled machinist, they could be, and often were, used to create nearly anything. Today, the choice is a lot more complicated. Should you rely on an old cast-iron classic?

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sheet of aluminum being cut

How To Properly Cut Aluminum Sheets and Plates

Aluminum is one of the more versatile metals and one that is widely used in DIY workshops and metal shops around the world. Despite being easily workable, aluminum does pose some challenges. In fact, it’s usually because aluminum is easy to work with that some beginning machinists can mess up their cuts. Aluminum is quite soft, heats

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laser cutting cad software

The 9 Best Free & Paid Laser Cutting Software You Can Download Today

Laser cutters, routers, and other machine tools are more than just modern manufacturing marvels. They’re also commonly used by hobbyists and avid DIY-ers. They can be used to cut wood, plastic, and even acrylic. Despite being high-end pieces of technology, many machine tools are relatively easy to learn and operate. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) tools

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cnc turning center

CNC Milling vs CNC Turning – The Differences Explained

One of the challenges of modern manufacturing is understanding how different machines and processes function. Understanding the difference between CNC turning and CNC milling allows a machinist to use the right machine to achieve the best results. In the design stage, it allows CAD and CAM operators to create parts that can be machined primarily

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lathe spindle

What to Know When Buying a Lathe Spindle

Lathes spindles. Not necessarily a fascinating topic, but there’s no single part more important to the function of a lathe than the spindle. What is the lathe spindle? The spindle connects to the lathe engine’s axle through the headstock. It’s the part of the lathe that rotates – without the rotating spindle, a lathe isn’t

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