Using a CNC Table Top Lathe

Using a CNC Table Top Lathe

Using a CNC Table Top LatheA CNC table top lathe is practically identical larger CNC machines, only on a smaller scale. Basically, the table top versions of these lathes were specifically designed for turning parts six inches in diameter or less. In many cases, a small tabletop lathe is actually more versatile than larger alternatives thanks to its powerful threading package.

A table top machine can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Table top CNC lathes are ideal for everything from school shops to commercial production floors. By using the powerful and intuitive Master MX software that comes bundled with our table top lathes, these machines become very easy to use for an extensive range of tooling purposes. Just like larger lathes, our CNC table top lathes have powerful motors and drivers that can cut steel, brass and other materials.

A table top lathe can be used for rapid prototyping, light-medium duty production, mold making, woodworking and lab work. It can also be used by hobbyists with the help of CAD software to import and replicate simple designs. Whether you need a great teaching tool or a powerful machine for producing industrial-grade components, a CNC table top lathe is well-suited for all these applications and more.

At CNC Masters, we can help you find the right CNC machine for your unique needs. We can also provide you with a demo of our CNC software to help you get a feel for its functionality and user interface. To learn more about table top lathes or any of the other products we offer at CNC Masters, give us a call or contact us online today.

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