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Here are just a few examples of what our satisfied customers are saying about our CNC Milling products. These are REAL PICS from REAL CUSTOMERS who have generously gone out of their way to take and send to us to show what they are machining with their CNC MASTERS Milling Machine.

Complete Complex Projects With a Quick Tool Change System

When you first start learning to use your CNC mill and CAD software, it’s a good idea to take on some relatively simple projects that use just one or two different cutting tools. This can help you hone your technique and get a better feel for the strengths and limitations of each tool.

But once you master these simple projects, you’ll probably want to tackle something a little more advanced. These projects may require more advanced CAD programming knowledge and the use of multiple cutting tools. Once you start working on these more complex projects, it won’t take you long to realize that cutting tool changes constitute the most tedious and inefficient part of your workflow.

Fortunately, quick tool change attachments offer an elegant solution to this issue.

We offer a quick tool change system from Royal Products that makes it easy to swap tools in a matter of seconds. Using our MASTER software, the quick-change system can be programmed with up to 10 different tools at a time. The software also automatically adjusts the Z axis during each tool change to compensate for variations in tool height. Because the body of the quick-change system can be left in the spindle, it can even reduce spindle wear from repeated tool changes.

This quick tool change system offers a great way to start undertaking more complex CNC projects with ease. To learn more about this or any of the other CNC machines and accessories we offer at CNC Masters, feel free to give us a call or contact us online today.

Make Thoughtful Custom-Engraved Gifts With a CNC Machine

Make Thoughtful Custom-Engraved Gifts With a CNC MachineThe holiday season might still be months away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about great gifts ideas for friends and loved ones! This time of year, you might even have a few summer birthdays or wedding gift ideas to think about as well. But rather than running out to the store and finding a last-minute present, why not create a custom-engraved gift of your own with your CNC milling machine?

Friends holding a housewarming party? Make a welcome sign to invite guests into their new home. Have a family member who’s an avid reader? Make them a set of bookends with lines from their favorite books engraved on each end. Did your spouse recently receive a promotion or new job opportunity? Make them a custom nameplate for their new desk

Thanks to the versatility of CNC milling processes, the possibilities are nearly endless. If you want to get really ambitious, you could even create a custom cribbage board for game nights with friends and family.

Everyone loves homemade gifts, and with a CNC machine you can create highly-detailed designs that speak to a person’s unique hobbies and interests. If wood is your preferred medium, you can also choose a wood grain and stain to really make your project an elegant, eye-catching displace piece.

Looking for the tools you need to make your next CNC project a reality? You’ve come to the right place. Browse all of our CNC machines online, or give us a call today to learn more.

Check Out These Open-Source CNC Furniture Designs!

Check Out These Open-Source CNC Furniture Designs!People typically associate open-source design with computer software, but in recent years many hobbyists and professional craftsmen have started to apply the principles of open design to furniture as well. CNC routers and laser cutters have made it possible for people from all across the globe to share different furniture designs with others, who can then use the design information to create their own furniture while putting their own unique spin on the pieces. Here are just a few of the really cool open-source CNC furniture designs you can find online.

The Layer Chair

Do you want to create formal chairs for your home that don’t feel so stuffy? Jens Dyvik created the Layer Chair, and through open design, it has morphed into a wide range of different chairs that all stem from the same basic structure. Depending on your specific needs, you can customize this chair to make it your own.

Italic Shelf

The Italic Shelf was created by Ronen Kadushin, who has been practicing open design for more than a decade now. It is an open shelving system that can be put together in a variety of different ways to alter the shape and look of the shelves themselves. It might look a bit unsteady, but Kadushin incorporated a “controlled collapse” structure into it that keeps it as strong and as stable as more conventional shelving systems.

Ultimate CNC Cut Height Adjustable Desk

Did you know that most standing desks use the same base with different tops on them? Tyler Cooper figured this out and came up with a way to customize his own sit/stand desk that is unlike most of the adjustable desks you’ve seen.

Want to check out other open design furniture concepts? Check out the complete list from Makezine here! CNC Masters also has you covered if you want to take an open source design and make it your own. We offer CNC milling machines and lathes that are ideal for these projects and many more. Contact us at 626-962-9300 to learn more today.

Ridiculously Unique CNC Projects

Whether you have a CNC machine at a wCNC toporkshop within your home or you are in the business of CNC, you should know the incredible things that these machines can do outside of what we typically use them for.

Although some of the unique projects people create might not ever serve a true “purpose,” it’s awesome to see what they are capable of creating.  Check out some of our favorite home CNC machine projects below.

Spinning Top

CNC machines can create items with a precision that could never be replicated by hand. This precision is important when it comes to making highly delicate and important pieces of machinery, for example a spinning top. You can use a CNC machine to create a top that will spin so precisely that you’ll start to notice the spots on your countertop that aren’t completely flat!


Speaking of precision, in order to yo-yo well, (although it’s important to practice) you really need a well-made yo-yo. You can create a perfect yo-yo using a CNC machine, and you’ll be able to master the art with minimal effort and plenty of grace.


With Mother’s Day approaching, you have to start thinking about what you might give to the leading ladies in your life. Jewelry is always a no-fail gift and you can create your own with a CNC machine which is guaranteed to mean even more. Picture this: geometric patterns etched and carved onto rings, watches, bracelets, and more.

CNC machines are obviously an important part of many businesses and create many of the items we use on a daily basis. However, if you know what you’re doing and you have the time to spend with one, they can create unique items that make great gifts or gadgets to have around.

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Butterfly Joints Great DIY Project for CNC Machine

Butterfly Joints Great DIY Project for CNC MachineA butterfly joint, also known as a “butterfly key,” is typically used to hold two or more pieces of wood together. They are also used to hold one board that has slowly started to split into two boards together, reinforcing the original board. Essentially, butterfly joints stabilize cracked wood.

For some people, butterfly joints are used as a piece of home décor, often placed on door frames, wooden tables, or otherwise as a decorative element of the piece.

If you own a CNC machine, you can produce joints, and many other projects, from the comfort of your own home or your own workshop.

Luckily, CNC machines can cut a variety of materials, which includes aluminum, brass, steel, wood, and mire making it easy for them to produce butterfly joints. In fact, certain CNC machines can produce dozen of butterfly joints in a matter of minutes.

On Woodworking Network, they used a scrap piece melamine as a template, cutting several outlines of butterfly joints. They created different columns of butterfly joints, allowing them to make two different sizes, producing many butterfly joints at once using their CNC machine.

Keep in mind that the thicker the material is that you need to insert the butterfly joint into, the thicker the joint itself should be.

Many people often believe that CNC machines are used for major projects, and although they often are, they can also create small projects as well that can help improve your bigger projects. For instance, butterfly joints are a small project but they can help reinforce your bigger projects, such as tables, chairs, stools, and so forth.

Check out the article on How to Start Woodworking (Woodworking for Beginners) from Yard & Garden Guru, Tim Graham.

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