CNC Turning is Great for Precision Metalwork

CNC Turning is Great for Precision MetalworkBecause of their durability and strength, metals must undergo a series of processes to transform them into usable products. One such procedure is called turning. In turning, a metal rod is rotated while a tool situated on a parallel axis is used to cut the metal surface.

Although this process was traditionally carried out with manually-operated lathes, turning is now typically done using CNC turning centers or CNC lathes.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines can interpret commands from a computer to drive cutting tools. Unlike their older manually-operated counterparts, CNC machines can cut metals into complex shapes, perform tasks in a much shorter time and reduce the likelihood of human error.

With the right software, even amateur craftsmen can accomplish complex turning tasks on a CNC lathe. Our custom CNC Master MX software makes it easy to design and execute turning projects of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to its clear graphical interface, you can see how each step in the turning process will affect the finished product.

Best of all, you’ll receive this powerful software free with any purchase of a CNC machine from CNC Masters.

From making metal jewelry to automotive parts, a CNC lathe can help you accomplish a wide variety of metalworking tasks. By automating the metalworking process and reducing the risk of errors, CNC lathes can also make your operation more cost-effective and efficient.

Interested in learning more about how you can utilize a CNC lathe in your next turning project? Give us a call or contact us online today to speak with a representative!

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