CAD/CAM Software

CAD-CAM softwares are an integral part of the CNC Masters Machinery and of the CNC world of machining in general. Yes, you can use simple commands found on the Master MX operating software to program your CNC Masters machines, but if you are planning to machine a complex design then investing in a CAD-CAM software will be an invaluable tool as much as your CNC Masters machinery. 3D design and translation of your drawing into G-codes will save you extensive downtime instead of writing your g-codes files from scratch and reducing mathematical errors in design.  This is really the way to go.  Most companies use a CAD software to draw their application.  Use CAM — “Computer Aided Manufacturing” software to convert that CAD file into a tool path program.  Then just simply import this tool path program into the MX software which comes with your CNC Masters machine and it will machine your application for you according to your original CAD file!

Check out this quick Video Demo how CAD and CAM software creates your tool path programs to machine your applications on your CNC MASTERS machinery.

Video: Using Rhino CAD & VisualMill CAM Software

CAD-CAM software is an integral part to any CNC milling and lathe machine. You can machine just about any part using the software from CNC Masters.

We offer the following CAD CAM Soft wares that work well with your CNC Masters machinery and are competitively priced!

VISUALTURN CAM – made for CNC Lathe applications

Powerful Programming System for your CNC MASTERS 1440 Lathe


VisualTurn: This new programming system is used to program 2-axis CNC turning centers or lathes. Includes powerful turning machining methods to handle complex programming tasks. Just as in VisualMill CAM, the easy interface, allows a user to machine a part in very short time. One of the best value packed lathe products available today. Available file imports include: IGES, Rhino, STEP, Dxf, Dwg, STL, VRML, RAW, Point Cloud.

Click here for a free demo of VisualTurn CAM.  Simply choose VisualCAD/CAM.

The table below summarizes the various features found VisualTURN:


  • 2D Cad Creation
  • 3D Cad Creation (Limited)
  • Layers
  • Unlimited Undo
  • Clipboard
  • True Type Font Text
  • Measurement Tools


  • Roughing
  • Finishing
  • Groove Roughing
  • Groove Finishing
  • Threading
  • Follow Curve
  • Parting Off


  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Boring
  • Reverse Boring


  • Toolpath Animation
  • Cut Material Simulation
  • Part to Stock Comparison


  • User customizable post-processor generator


  • Direct numerical control


  • G-Code Analysis Verification Tool