How to Organize Tools In Your Workshop

Organized workshopScraps of wood and metal likely cover the surface of your workshop as proof of how hard you work in that space. However, a workshop does not need to be messy and will function much better if it is organized and inviting. If you are happy with the way your workshop looks and feels, you’re more likely to spend time on those projects that are piling up.

Finished Space

If the ceiling is unfinished in your workshop and it has wood or wires exposed, you’ve found your first project. A space without a ceiling will always feel cold and unappealing. You will likely spend a lot of time in your workshop and it’s important for it to feel welcoming. Painting the walls of your workshop is also an easy way to make the space feel warmer. Choose a color that you really like but wouldn’t necessarily use in your home. You can paint a workshop whatever color you want and that’s fun!

Give It Light

You will need light in your workshop in order to make it a practical space. Most workshops are within a garage or basement and both have little light. Fluorescent lights are ideal for a workshop. Although they feel very industrial, they are energy efficient and don’t give off heat. An encased fluorescent light will also not shatter or spark if it is dropped or knocked which is inevitable in a workshop.


Benefits of Workbenches

Installing a workbench is a vital part of making your workshop functional. A workbench will give you a large, flat space to handle multiple projects. Workbenches often come with drawers and hooks as well to use for storage and organizing. Place a padded, rubber mat down at the foot of the workbench to make it more comfortable for you when you’re standing at it.

Know Safety Precautions

Your workshop is likely an extension of your home but you still need to recognize that many of the materials in a workshop are dangerous. If you have chemicals in your workshop, store them in a locked cabinet and away from anything that could give off heat. Keep a fire extinguisher in your workshop as a precaution as well. Always wear closed toe shoes, such as sneakers or boots, in your workshop to protect your feet from tools or nails.

Categorize and Organize

Work benches are full of multiple tools, wires, tapes, paints, and extension cords. Come up with categories for whatever you have a multitude of in your workshop, label drawers, and organize accordingly. Make a habit of putting things away in the correct places. If designated drawers hold specific items, you will also save time because you’ll know where to find what you need.

Workshops are for building and creating. Whether you are creating a CNC machine masterpiece or fixing a light fixture, your workshop should feel organized, comfortable, and inviting.