Clean Up Your Milling Machine

If your business requires you to use a milling machine, then you know how important it is to keep it clean. When it isn’t it can affect everything from its accuracy to its lifespan and it could even put you in harm’s way.

These machines can be very complex, it is important to arm yourself with all you need to know, along with what tools to keep your CNC machine running at its best.

Clean Up Your Milling Machine

Make It Look Brand New Again

You’ve just finished making an entire set of parts and your CNC Baron Milling Machine is a mess. Where do you start?

You could start by using an air cleaning gun on the cracks and holes on the machine to help get any loose material out. Then if there are still leftover particles everywhere but you can’t get to them, you could use a vacuum with a thin nozzle and move it in and out of cracks off the machine.

From there and if you know how, you can go through and detach certain parts and lube areas to make sure the machine runs smoothly. Then properly reattach all of your parts and check to see if everything is running smoothly once again.

CNC Masters offers milling machines to help your business get your parts and products ready to sell. Make sure you take the time to clean our machines; they will thank you by working at the highest level for a long time. For more information on our products, please feel free to contact us today!

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