An Overview of Engraving [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today, we can get just about any hard and flat surface engraved with fine detail. As a gift idea, or for your business’s signage needs, engraving is a tried, true and trusted method for branding and creating unique designs.

You might not have given engraving a great deal of thought since it is very common and easy to come by, but engraving has one of the longest histories known to man.

In the beginning:

Starting around 60,000 BC, human people first engraved ostrich eggshells to be used as water containers.

Engraving was a process only performed by skilled craftsmen such as goldsmiths or carpenters and the fine details were dependent upon the materials used in the press. The process involved prints of drawings or paintings that were copied and then etched onto wood or metal.

In modern times:

There are various machines, such as the milling machine, that are responsible for truly amazing engraving techniques. We can engrave on a variety of materials such as metals, glass and laminates as long as it is a flat surface. You can create a design with computer-based programs as well as heavy-duty machinery.

Engraving is a permanent design used for engraving actual objects or for printing images on paper with prints or illustrations. The raised areas of an item consist of the engraved part.

With engraving, you can design images or wording. One of the types of machinery that is used for engraving hard flat surfaces is a milling machine. These machines work fast, are efficient and produce amazing engraved products.

At CNC Masters, you can expect quality products from our machine, and we would gladly discuss its benefits with you.


An Overview of Engraving

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