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R31 Manual Milling Machine

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Standard Features

Drilling Capacity1-1/4″ 32mm
End Mill Capacity3/4″ 20mm
Swing15-7/8″ 405mm
Spindle nose to table (maximum)18″ 480mm
Spindle TaperR-8
Diameter of Spindle Sleeve3″ 75mm
Head Swivel360 degrees
Diameter of column4-1/2″ 115mm
Overall height (w/o stand)43-1/2″ 1100mm
Machine Stand Height30″ 760mm
Overall length42-1/2″ 1080mm
Overall width39-3/4″ 1010mm
Motor Power2 HP
Spindle Speed12 Speed (120-3000rpm)
Foward/Back table travel7″ 175mm
Left/Right table travel19″ 485mm
Spindle Up/Down travel5″ 127mm
Working area of table28-3/4″ x 8-1/4″
Net/Gross Weight661 lb. 300kgs

Comes with

  • One Year Warranty
  • Your choice in single phase 220 VAC or three phase 220 VAC
  • Comes with 3″ U Type Angle Vise, JT6 Drill Chuck with Key and Arbor, 3″ Carbide Tipped Surface Cutter with Arbor.
  • Found a better deal? Let us know and we’ll try to beat it, not match it!


TA Package 1 includes:Price
11 pcs R8 collet set # R8, 1/8” –3/4”
6 pc HSS 2-flute & 6pc HSS 4-flute end mill set# 8000-0001/0002
29 pcs Titanium drill bit set # 5000-0001T, 1/16” – ½” by 1/64
TA Package 2 includes:
11 pcs boring tool set # 1001-0106
20 pcs Titanium end mills set 3/16-3/4”# 8000-0020
29 pcs Titanium drill bits set 1/16-1/2” # 5000-0001T
TA Package 3 for includes:
6” precision vise with swivel base# AV-6
11 pcs R8 collet set # R8 , 1/8” – ¾”
52 pcs clamping kit # CK-52
11 pcs boring tool set # 1001-0106
20 pcs Titanium end mills set 3/16-3/4”# 8000-0020
29 pcs Titanium drill bits set 1/16-1/2” # 5000-0001T
  • This machine has several uses, such as surface cutting, drilling, milling, and also can be equipped with an electric switch for tapping.
  • This machine is of fine quality, can be operated easily, and it is not limited to skilled operators.
  • The drilling and milling operation can be performed by two methods: hand operation, which makes quick drilling or worm gear feed operation, which makes slow milling.
  • Bronze adjustable nuts, which adjust the thread clearance and reduce the wear.
  • Whole column which makes this machine strong, stable, and also keep the high accuracy.
  • Head of tough cast ensures its accuracy lasting and enduring through the treatment of precise boring cylinder, grinding, and internal stress relief.
  • To adjust belt and change speed, new pulley cover is easy to open the cover.
  • Great for the mass-production of small parts, research facilities, schools, shops, and even residential garages–turned into small shops for the guy who loves to tinker and design new ideas for the market.


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