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That's for the CNC 1440 Lathe right now!

Here’s what you get with this deal:

  • -The CNC Masters 1440 Lathe.  This is your classic lathe which can run in CNC mode or conventional mode.  
  • 3HP Motor with Constant Surface Speed, and Threading control.
  • -Coolant Control with circulating pump, and flex nozzle mounted to the carriage.
  • -Sliding Splash Guard.
  • -Quick Change Tool for Easy Zeroing with Five Quick Change Holders.
  • -MX software.
  • -Direct Tech Support.
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MX Software runs on Windows 10. Easy USB Connection.

“I could not be more pleased with my choice of CNC Masters and the 1440 lathe. Every question I’ve had has been answered over the phone the same day. Omar is never too busy to help. Every thing from machine adjustment to upgrade controller he or other staff have been there for me. I’ve owned this lathe since 2013 and I still get great support. 

My suggestions have been listened to and acted on with updates to the great software.”  -Tom Hanson, Las Cruces