Why Sheet Metal And CNC Machines Go Hand In Hand

Sheet Metal and CNC MachinesIf you are making a one-off sheet metal project, such as a hobby piece or prototype, CNC machines are just the thing for you. The lineup of machines CNC provides allows you to keep your p roject in-house, preserving trade secrets. They also have a very small footprint, saving you the expense of additional space.

Where CNC machines really start to shine in sheet metal use is when you start to take advantage of our software. CNC Machine Master MX software is included with every purchase of our CNC mills, lathes, and router machines. It runs with most Windows programs from seven on up as well as with a USB port connection, touch screen desktop or laptop PC.

The Master MX comes with wizards to easily generate a file without using CAM software. The MX can also run standard FANUC G-code files from other CAD-CAM software such as MasterCAM, SmartCam, SurfCam, etc.

If you are used to doing your sheet metal machine work manually, CNC equipment has a great track record of helping people transition to software-based machining. CNC machines have brought together the best aspects of manual mills and lathes and integrated them with CNC capabilities. Because of this, many of our customers who were used to manual controls found it easy to learn the ropes of CNC machines.

Don’t believe us? Check out some testimonials.

One great example of very nice sheet metal work using CNC machines is from Creative Sheet Metal Services. Danny Isaacs used the Supra Mill for a cockpit instrument panel that used one-inch thick plate sheet metal.

Whether you are machining car parts, computer parts, of the next great invention of your own imagining, check out CNC’s lineup. We can help you bring your idea and your business into the world.