CNC Product Reviews & Testimonials

Here are just a few examples of what our satisfied customers are saying about our CNC Milling products. These are REAL PICS from REAL CUSTOMERS who have generously gone out of their way to take and send to us to show what they are machining with their CNC MASTERS Milling Machine.

California Lighting Technology Center at The University of California, Davis

At the California Lighting Technology Center we provide state-of-the-art lighting design and prototype fabrication as a part of our research and development services. In our fabrication facility, the 4-Axis CNC Supra Mill aids in our efforts to provide rapid and accurate prototype designs for next generation lighting concepts. It’s easy set-up, operation, and maintenance have helped in our efforts to create energy-efficient and reliable lighting systems for the State of California and our affiliate members.

Thanks for the support!
Matthew Seitzler
Development Engineer

Craftsman Paul Ellis, UK

Two pictures are taken through a microscope. This is a die to to stamp silver sheet, the model was produced and toolpathed in Bobcad. The cutter is solid carbide 20 degree inclusive angle with a 0.0025″ rad tip, feed rate 5.0 inches a min, stepover 0.002″. Machining time 5 hours +

Thanks for the new software,
Regards Paul

Magnificent Machines

Dear CNC Masters,

My new CNC Supra milling machine and Lathe arrived on time and without any problems. The carrier you used was very prompt and was helpful and friendly. Bothe machines arrived without a scratch! Kudos to you both for that! You should use him as often as possible. I really appreciate you going out of your way to get me the lathe I wanted and to getting on the same truck with the milling machine. That saved me a lot of hassle and money. I had to rent a 6000 plus lbs Forklift to unload the machines and doing that twice would have been inconvenient & expensive to say the least.

Setting up the machines went well and was very straight forward. Loading all the software & connecting the computer to the machine was entirely too easy. Having never been exposed to the CNC world before I was amazed at how simple it all is. Once I got all the stuff set up and plugged in it was time to learn how to use it. This was very intimidating at first. However, after reading your user manual, it all started to make since. I also went to the Mecsoft website and downloaded there tutorials and went through those. They walk you right through it and you cut parts right away. I am really grateful to you, for talking me into the CNC machine. (I originally wanted to buy a manual machine). I remember you told me I would never want to go back to using manual machines again. I thought you were crazy and that was just “salesman talk”. But, you were right. Every time I watch that machine make a part I am totally amazed! As are my clients! Learning new stuff is not always easy for me and your customer service has been amazingly stellar! I really appreciate being able to call on the phone and talk to a person. You & your staff have made the transition into the CNC world fun, easy, and exciting. Please feel free to list my contact info on your website as a reference.

I have attached renderings of my first Rhino Model (that Rhi 4.0 is an amazing program; I hope I can learn to use it to its full potential!) and pictures of the CNC Supra, cutting the part and a picture of the finished part and its application. Also are some random pictures of my machines and there install. Feel free to use any of them on your site.

Thanks again for all you help & a MAGNIFICENT MACHINE! Thank you, James B. McCormick

Khalan Weaponry, LLC.

The CNC Jr. Mill was the first milling m achine that I purchased for my business, which basically consisted of gunsmith work and custom part fabrication. After a few weeks of playing and learning, I was doing everything from engraving to machining complicated parts for firearms. I’ve ran the machine almost everyday for nearly two years and I haven’t any problems with it. If there ever was a problem, it was on my part.

I recently purchased a larger machining center to help with work load, but even still the CNC Jr. is an invaluable machine that allows me to perform quick one-time or short production jobs with minimal setup compared to the larger machine. I highly recommend the CNC Jr. Mill for anyone needing a machine for second-operations or low to medium scale production on either small or large parts. The CNC Jr. Mill is a solid and effective tool in my shop.

Mitchell D. Jones
Khalan Weaponry, LLC.
Khalan Manufacturing Co.

Loftus Design Inc.

Dear CNC Masters,

With my Industrial Design business I have many years of experience creating 3D CAD models of original designs but but no experience with CNC machining. Although I still have much to learn about CNC programs and running parts, I have been pleased with my results in the first two month of owning the CNC Table Top machine. I attribute much of that to the help you have provided over the phone and the ease of using the CNC Jr. I would recommend the CNC Table Top Machine to anyone that needs industrial shop results.

Enclosed are a few pictures of CNC parts that the machine has produced.

Thank you again for providing excellent service.

John Loftus, President
Loftus Design Inc.
924 Katella Street
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
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GE Healthcare

I have been the owner of a Supra CNC Masters knee style mill for the past 9 months and have been nothing but pleased with the machine and the technical assistance. This machine has been used for the manufacture of engineering prototypes for GE Healthcare. As a mechanical engineer, I found the need to be able to not only design the prototype, but also be able to manufacture it. Speed and accuracy are of the utmost importance in many quick paced projects that I commonly engineer. This machine has allowed this and more to take place. My machining background, though fairly intense, was a with manual style equipment. I needed a machine that could be easily set up and simple to program. With a combination of the software available from CNC Masters, I was able to produce useable parts the first afternoon after receiving the machine. Set up is very simple, with only a low current 220 volt hook up and standard USB connector to the customer purchased computer.

I have found that with this equipment my design philosophy has changed completely. I no longer think in “straight lines” but can now make esthetically pleasing parts that provide all the functionality of the simple parts, at the same or (commonly) less time. The simplicity of the programming makes this a machine that nearly anyone with a reasonable machining background can learn to run within a week. As the user learns all the tricks to run the machine, he can design, draw, post process, and machine parts in substantially less time than standard machining would allow. I also have found that I now have the total confidence in the machine that I can do a one up part the first time, with accuracy that meets my requirements. With these capabilities, the cost of making these parts can be drastically reduced by allowing the in house machining to take place. Time to finish the project can be cut to hours on many things, verses days. A Purchase Order is no longer required and modifications are done simply and quickly. Common materials for my projects are typically non-ferrous or plastics. However, it has all the capabilities to do the ferrous parts that would be standard. Feeds and speeds are readily modified to accept these different materials. Even though there is an on board coolant system, I have used a simple magnetic based sprayer system with great results. The Supra is available with a remote control box. I feel that this is an accessory that every user should purchase. It allows simple movements to be done at the front of the machine, which is especially important when doing edge finding for the initial program setup. Plus, simple X/Y movements are easily done with the movement of a joy stick. The knob allows movements down to .0001″ which makes for very accurate positioning. Any service problems or questions have been readily taken care of by the folks at CNC Masters. I have had minimal questions after the initial set up and they have all been answered via a simple phone call. I have been very pleased with that service. All in all, with the low initial purchase cost and the quality of the equipment, I would recommend this machine to the small (or large) shop that is looking at getting into the world of 3 axis CNC machining. It also is a great addition to a home user that has the ability to purchase the machine.

John Lorbiecki

A Personal Testimonial

Dear CNC Masters,

I purchased the CNC, Jr. approximately 2 years ago. Prior to purchasing this machine, I had no machining experience. But with your machine and software, I was able to start producing parts very easily and quickly. This machine allows me to accurately cut any parts that I can imagine. The CNC, Jr. is a great value. I was very impressed with the support after the sale. I had a few questions that were answered immediately by very knowledgeable professionals.

Here are some photos of a few parts that I machined for a motorcycle that I built. Thanks for your help.

Chris Twine
Southbridge, MA

A Personal Testimonial


Hope the new year is looking good for you. You are filling an important niche and I would like to add to your testimonial files. Some pictures of a couple of the pieces we have made are attached. The CNC Masters CNC Jr. is a very practical ‘right-sized’ machine capable of producing many parts that will fit in a shoebox. Even a size 13 shoebox. Many of the parts I have produced on much larger and more expensive machines could have been produced on the CNC Jr. The CNC Jr. was purchased to cut aluminum and plastic, however, it pulls very well through steel. The CNC Jr. has been money well spent. Nowadays, you hear some talk about right sized machinery, however, many companies, large and small, continue to purchase oversized machinery to produce all kinds of parts. 200 ton presses to run 60 ton parts, 6 foot press brakes to form 4 inch parts, and CNC knee mills to produce shoebox sized parts are common examples. The benefits of the CNC Jr. are less cost and less size. When we are looking at new machinery, we sometimes forget that the concrete these machines sit on is not free. Two CNC Jr.s would fit in about the same space as a standard CNC knee mill and cost about the same. That’s an easy way to double production capacity. Two spindles running common tooling are also more reliable than a single larger machine. If there is a problem with a single machine, you’re dead in the water. If you have two small machines and one goes down, you’re still running.

—John Kitchens, Dallas Texas

MacLellan Bagpipes

To: CNC Masters

FROM: MacLellan Bagpipes — Lakewood, NJ

I finally took some shots of the re-fitted machine up & running. The part you see is bagpipe chanter. The positioning and size of the finger holes on these is extremely important. As the volume of production has been increasing it became obvious the drill press and hole jig was no longer efficient! I already owned the milling machine so a web search brought me to your retro-fit CNC kits. This is a great way to upgrade existing machinery at a fraction of the cost of a new setup. I would say your kit is well put together, with quality components, and installed with no problems. I had the machine up & running faster than I had anticipated. The phone/email tech-support really helped with any small problems in the initial set up, and certainly give a sense of security for any issues that may come up in the future. Your conversion kit for the CNC Mini Mill is what I needed. I have a lathe ready for CNC fitting , let me know when you have a kit for that!

Thanks for everything,
Roddy Maclellan
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Hi Everyone at CNC Masters,

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help with the CNC Jr I bought from you in January. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the machine on how much stronger it is in the flesh to the what I thought it was from the pictures on your website. I bought the machine from you and you shipped it all the way to the UK with no problems, it was easy to set-up and get working and I would recommend the Jr to anyone thinking of getting one. The optional remote is invaluable as I don’t think I could use machine without it and was a worthwhile addition to package.

The customer service is second to none, with any questions answered accurately and fast. I am now happily working machine nearly everyday getting my new venture up and running. It will easily work all day without any problems and is very accurate and produces parts to the tolerences I expect time after time. I have attached some pictures of the parts I have produced so far. Please feel free to post these on your website along with this message to help anyone thinking of buying the machine.

Thanks, Matthew 01274 421734 9am-5pm Mon-Fri