Paperless141 uses CNC Jr.

Dear CNC Masters,

I had been spending a lot of time drawing one off my parts using CAD software and taking the drawings to local machine shops and paying a lot of money for each part. This greatly limited my experimentation for problem solving as I had to be very cost conscious for anything designed, because if it did not work, I was out a lot of money. This financial “stress” took the fun out of the designing and problem solving aspects of robotics. I was encouraged by my wife of all people to just buy a mill and do it all myself. Never having been within 3 feet of a mill in my life, I was intimidated by the concept, but I felt if I could teach myself to weld two soda cans together I could break enough end mill bits to learn how to use a mill. As a result of my learning from 30 lbs of aluminum stock from the remnant shop and going through a few cheap bits, the CNC Jr. has nearly paid for itself in under a year due to the cost savings of making parts myself. The learning process was fun and very straight forward thanks to the ease of use and the great phone support from CNC Masters and Mecsoft. My wife now refers to my CNC Jr. as my three dimensional printer for metal. She asked me one day “what is so exciting about this machine?”, I told her it is a metal printer, I draw a part on the PC, put metal in the machine and the part I drew comes out. I also told her “this is so cool, I wish I was 20 years younger so I could play with this that much longer!” Thank you for a great easy to use machine.

Best Regards,
Tom Hornak
San Jose, CA 95153

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