Larry Egelhoff’s mill of choice is The Baron

Larry Egelhoff of Nolensville, TN (Nashville) makes prototypes, master patterns, injection molds and as a hobby various 3D carvings (see pictures). His total focus is on 3 dimensional designs. He purchased the Baron CNC with the 4th axis to allow him to machine a full 360 degrees as seen in the following pictures. The Baron was his mill of choice because it allows him to machine metal molds and parts with repeatable accuracy as well as the wood carvings. It’s compact size fits neatly in his shop. Larry can laser scan a 3D object, edit it and machine a copy in a very short time. The mill is the focus point of this operation. His comments were ” The Baron is a perfect fit for what I needed. I looked at what was available and could not find anything else with the required features at an affordable price. The canes and chalice were all made on the Baron using the 4 axis. I’ve included a couple more pix of the chalice in process. Depending on the detail desired this could be the final pass. The surface did not require any additional sanding. I did run a smaller tool only on the stem to bring out the fine detail. These items were made to check out the 4 axis capabilities. Obviously more than adequate.”

Larry Egelhoff

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