All Book Bindery

Hi CNC Masters,

It’s Ben here from All Book Bindery in Sydney, Australia. We took delivery of our CNC Max mill last week and set it up a few days ago. I have now spent three days with the machine and I’ve been consistently blown away by the build quality, ease of setup and use, and the mill’s ability to consistently turn out quality work. I am very a happy customer!

Considering I had not used machining equipment since I was a teenager and have never used any CNC equipment previously, I was expecting a relatively steep learning curve. To my surprise I have been very impressed by the ability to have my designs exported from 3D Studio Max, via Visual Mill and having the mill reproduce them, and I was doing this the same day I set up the machine!

I’ll also add that the images on the website do not do the machine justice, it is much more solidly built than I expected. I am a big fan of the remote too, the fine control it allows is excellent for helping with aligning stock when setting up a job.

I cannot say how happy I am with the purchase and will definitely be looking your way when it comes time to purchase a CNC Lathe! Thanks again!!

Kind Regards,
Ben Rosser

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