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Here are just a few examples of what our satisfied customers are saying about our CNC Milling products. These are REAL PICS from REAL CUSTOMERS who have generously gone out of their way to take and send to us to show what they are machining with their CNC MASTERS Milling Machine.

CNC Enthusiasts Use Their Machining Skills to Customize Apple Cards

Apple is known for its pared-down design aesthetic, and the new Apple Card is no exception. The recently-launched credit card is a simple, white-coated piece of titanium, laser etched with a glimmering Apple logo and the customer’s name. It’s a perfect example of the brand’s signature minimalist industrial design.

However, some users see the card as a blank canvas. A few intrepid CNC enthusiasts have already begun using their machining skills to customize their Apple Cards, with stunning results.

Nick Wiegand, for example, who shares his creations on his Run CNC Instagram account, used his CNC expertise to decorate his Apple Card with filigree reminiscent of what you’d see on a 19th-century Bicycle playing card. The Apple Card was “a canvas waiting to be customized,” he said.

Wiegand says that he actually viewed the card’s all-white aesthetic as a design flaw. He said that when paying at restaurants, the card was indistinguishable from receipts on the table, meaning that it often went ignored by servers.

Users have always been interested in customizing their Apple products—think of the wide variety of iPhone cases on the market, and of the stickers that often adorn Apple laptops—but CNC machining is a relatively new and innovative way to make Apple products your own.

Why not use your CNC machining skills to make your personal belongings unique? At CNC Masters, our handy engraving attachment makes it easy and affordable to customize everything from Apple Cards to pieces of metal jewelry. Just give us a call or contact us online today to learn more!

5 Tips for Engraving and Cutting With a CNC Machine

CNC EngravingIf you’re a hobbyist or business owner who does a lot of engraving or cutting, you may already be familiar with the immense potential of CNC machining. Jewelers, gun shops, collectible figurine makers and even engine designers often use CNC mills to perform complex engraving and cutting tasks. But if you’re used to doing this type of work by hand, you may have a few questions about how to get the most out of an automated CNC machine.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Choose the Right Cutting Tool

When engraving a thin text pattern, small cutting tools will provide the most accurate results. Cutting tools with wider angles are better suited for engraving larger text patterns. Just like with manual work, it’s important to use the right-size tools to get the best possible results. When carving hard materials, you should typically use the largest cutting angle and tip you can to maximize efficiency.

Be Mindful of Your Spindle Speed

For optimal results, Small shank tools (3.175 mm, 4.0 mm) should be used with low-power spindle motors, and the cutting speed shouldn’t be set too fast to minimize resistance in high-speed milling. To increase speed, high-power motors can use large shank diameter engraving tools.

The Length of Your Cutting Tool Matters, Too

When selecting the appropriate blade length for carving knives, it’s recommended that you add 2-3mm to the measured processing sheet thickness. When cutting acrylic, or when the motor speed is between 18000-24000 RPM, opt for a shorter blade length instead.

A Note on Broken Tools

Assuming there are no problems with the quality of your tools, if your tools are breaking frequently there is probably an issue with the carving settings, such as the rail and motor precision, plate material hardness or fixture issues.

Consider an Engraving Attachment

The optional engraving attachment combined with the 3D machining capabilities of the CNC Jr, Baron or Supra, offers engravers even more creative opportunities. For example, you could scan the autograph of your favorite baseball player and engrave it on a bat, or you could have a pool cue engraved with your own unique design.

To learn more, contact us at CNC Masters today!

CNC Machining Is Popular Among Jewelry Makers

CNC Machining Is Popular Among Jewelry MakersWhen you think about common applications for a CNC machine, the first thing that comes to mind is probably an industrial setting such as a woodshop or auto parts manufacturer. In a woodshop, a CNC lathe might be used to create a series of balusters for a staircase or legs for a set of dining room chairs. An auto parts manufacturer, on the other hand, might use a CNC mill to shape replacement engine components out of aluminum or steel.

But these are just a few of the most well-known uses for a CNC machine.

In recent years, small artisan jewelers have begun incorporating CNC machining techniques into their creative process as well. These craftspeople use their milling machines to carve or engrave detailed designs into pieces of metal jewelry. A CNC mill can also be used to carve wax for lost-wax casting projects. This is a great use for a CNC machine because it can achieve a level of precision and uniformity that a human hand would have trouble matching. Since the element of human error is all but eliminated with a CNC machine, artisan jewelers can get a more consistent result with fewer mishaps. This, in turn, can save them valuable time and resources. A CNC mill can also make it easier for jewelers to accurately replicate designs they’ve used in the past.

Interested in learning more about the many different uses for CNC machines? Stay tuned for more updates from our blog, or give us a call today to speak with a representative!

Make Thoughtful Custom-Engraved Gifts With a CNC Machine

Make Thoughtful Custom-Engraved Gifts With a CNC MachineThe holiday season might still be months away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about great gifts ideas for friends and loved ones! This time of year, you might even have a few summer birthdays or wedding gift ideas to think about as well. But rather than running out to the store and finding a last-minute present, why not create a custom-engraved gift of your own with your CNC milling machine?

Friends holding a housewarming party? Make a welcome sign to invite guests into their new home. Have a family member who’s an avid reader? Make them a set of bookends with lines from their favorite books engraved on each end. Did your spouse recently receive a promotion or new job opportunity? Make them a custom nameplate for their new desk

Thanks to the versatility of CNC milling processes, the possibilities are nearly endless. If you want to get really ambitious, you could even create a custom cribbage board for game nights with friends and family.

Everyone loves homemade gifts, and with a CNC machine you can create highly-detailed designs that speak to a person’s unique hobbies and interests. If wood is your preferred medium, you can also choose a wood grain and stain to really make your project an elegant, eye-catching displace piece.

Looking for the tools you need to make your next CNC project a reality? You’ve come to the right place. Browse all of our CNC machines online, or give us a call today to learn more.

An Overview of Engraving [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today, we can get just about any hard and flat surface engraved with fine detail. As a gift idea, or for your business’s signage needs, engraving is a tried, true and trusted method for branding and creating unique designs.

You might not have given engraving a great deal of thought since it is very common and easy to come by, but engraving has one of the longest histories known to man.

In the beginning:

Starting around 60,000 BC, human people first engraved ostrich eggshells to be used as water containers.

Engraving was a process only performed by skilled craftsmen such as goldsmiths or carpenters and the fine details were dependent upon the materials used in the press. The process involved prints of drawings or paintings that were copied and then etched onto wood or metal.

In modern times:

There are various machines, such as the milling machine, that are responsible for truly amazing engraving techniques. We can engrave on a variety of materials such as metals, glass and laminates as long as it is a flat surface. You can create a design with computer-based programs as well as heavy-duty machinery.

Engraving is a permanent design used for engraving actual objects or for printing images on paper with prints or illustrations. The raised areas of an item consist of the engraved part.

With engraving, you can design images or wording. One of the types of machinery that is used for engraving hard flat surfaces is a milling machine. These machines work fast, are efficient and produce amazing engraved products.

At CNC Masters, you can expect quality products from our machine, and we would gladly discuss its benefits with you.


An Overview of Engraving

From Visually.


Engrave to Perfection!

When milling a material, sometimes you are looking to engrave on to it. However, due to some limitations, you might not be able to get as creative as you would like. You could just keep it as is but that would end up being very dissatisfying and leave you with the final result you don’t desire.

How To Make It Look Great Engrave to Perfection!

One product you could use to make your final product look great is an engraving attachment to your milling machine. It is very easy to use as it mounts on the spindle axis of your machine and can be quickly attached or removed with a single clamping screw. What it also has in its favor is that it is very efficient so there is no need to worry whether it will get the job done.

The attachment is suitable for jewelry, mold-making, and fine machining or engraving and simply put, it can make a lot of creative ideas possible that weren’t in the past. So now creating a picture on a milling material or engraving something like a signature on a baseball bat suddenly becomes more of a reality than something you desire.

It would be perfect for any hobbyists that have been looking for a way to spice up their work and make it something truly special.

CNC Masters provides the finest milling machines and accessories across the country. We also offer different types of engraving attachments that will make your work unlike anyone else’s. For more information on our engraving attachments, please feel free to contact us today!