Scribe vs. Script: The Difference Between Marking & Engraving Cutters

It’s a bit misleading to say marking and engraving cutters are different, because marking cutters are a sub-class of engraving cutters. However, understanding the best applications for using marking cutters over other engravers is useful for efficiency, quality, and cost savings. Engravers are typically used to machine finishing details into the surface of a part,… Read more »

CNC Machining Reduces Scrap Material and Increases Efficiency

CNC machining involves the use of computer software to produce precisely-machined parts. Because the machine’s mill is controlled by a computer, CNC production is far more accurate and efficient compared to traditional, hand-controlled machines. These machines are capable of interpreting digital instructions from their CNC software programs, and then translating these instructions into carefully-controlled milling… Read more »

Transitioning from Manual – Tips to Incorporate CNC Technology

If your shop has been using manual milling equipment since you started, you may be reluctant to transition to automatic CNC technology. We understand that replacing your milling machines with new equipment may seem like a daunting process – especially if your existing machines have been working fine. However, there are so many benefits that… Read more »

Save on a CNC Milling Machine

People who enjoy shaping metal as a hobby, or those who do it at the professional level, can benefit from a CNC milling machine. This is a machine that is used to shape metal. A milling machine can be found in a variety of options. There are large machines for companies that shape metal as… Read more »