CNC Product Reviews & Testimonials

Here are just a few examples of what our satisfied customers are saying about our CNC Milling products. These are REAL PICS from REAL CUSTOMERS who have generously gone out of their way to take and send to us to show what they are machining with their CNC MASTERS Milling Machine.

Create a Backup of Your CNC Data

You have been told countless times, by countless tech gurus, just how important it is to keep regularly updated backups of the data on your cell phone, digital camera, desktop computer and laptop. And whether you actually back up this data onto a secure hard drive as often as you should or not, you are probably confident that should damage occur to your device, you have most (if not all) of your important files saved to another location.

But have you ever thought of doing the same for your CNC data?

If you have never created a backup copy of the data stored on your CNC machine, we at CNC Masters recommend you do so promptly. Not only may you need the data from previous projects, but you also have fine-tuned your machine to work exactly to your specifications and needs. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but having to revert your CNC lathe back to its factory settings after a power will be a great frustration. Especially now that you know there are alternative solutions.

Knowing how to make backup copies of all the data stored within your CNC is imperative for all machinists to learn.

As mentions on, not only should you create backup copies of recent programs, you should also save CNC parameters, custom macro variables and more.

Regardless of the size of your business – or even if your CNC machine is used for hobby – the information and settings saved on your devices is incredibly important. Make sure you know how to save this information to an external hard drive and do so regularly to ensure that none of your valuable data is lost.

For all your CNC machining needs and questions, please contact CNC Masters at 626-962-9300. With more than 20 years of experience in the machining field, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer competitive pricing and expert knowledge that assists business owners, machinists, teachers and hobbyists operate their machinery with success.

CNC Technologies to Look For at IMTS 2016

CNC machiningThe 2016 International Manufacturing Technology Show is just a few months away, and with registration now open more and more information is flooding in about who – and what – will be exhibited in Chicago this September.

Some of the highlights include:


NUM plans to demonstrate what they are calling, “an exciting new development in CNC hardware and software technology,” at IMTS this year. This is expected to be the first public showing of their new NUMmill control solution, which is expected to draw plenty of attention from the CNC community.

Tsugami/Rem Sales

Tsguami/Rem Sales will be introducing four new machines at IMTS. This state-of-the-art booth will include the SS207-5AC LaserSwiss (a CNC lathe that combines Swiss style CNC machining and laser cutting in one) and the P034H, which is designed for micro machining.


Heidenhain will be highlighting its newest motion control developments, as well as its latest line of CNC machines at this year’s IMST. They will also be hosting a presentation on advanced CNC control capabilities.

GF Machining Solutions

GF Machining Solutions will be focusing their booth on the process of electrical discharge machining (EDM). Their machines offer advanced touchscreen controls and unique capabilities that can eliminate the variables related to thermal expansion and contraction.

Other Highlights

On top of the many exhibits available for viewing, there are also endless seminars for you and your employees to take part in. According to Peter R. Eelman, vice president of exhibitions and business development for the Association for Manufacturing Technology, “These conferences provide opportunities to stay on the leading edge of technology, a core mission of IMTS.”

With business enhancement being focused on throughout the entirety of the show, specific technologies like Additive Manufacturing, Industrial Lasers and Integrated Industries, will be covered on specific days.

We at CNC Masters are excited to see what is in store at IMTS 2016, and look forward to sharing more information about CNC advancements with our customers as it becomes available.

For individuals looking to expand their CNC machining shop, we are proud to offer high quality machines at affordable prices. To learn more about how we can help your business, contact us by phone at 626-962-9300.

Advice for a Safe and Organized CNC Machining Shop

organized CNC machining workshopWhether CNC machining is your hobby or your career, a safe and well organized shop can make a huge difference in the quality of your work. Keeping all of your supplies in order only takes a couple extra minutes at the end of your day, and the tools that help you get organized are well-worth their price.

If you are looking to improve the organization and level of safety within your CNC machining shop, there are a few simple tips you can use to start.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone

Nowadays, many of us consider our phones an extension of our hands, but your machining shop is no place to be checking for updates and text messages. Instead of putting your phone in your pocket while you work, turn it off and set it in a bucket or on a shelf by the door of the shop. This way, you won’t feel the urge to check it while you are operating a machine and you won’t lose focus from the task at hand when it rings.

Purchase Extra Safety Glasses

You should always be wearing protective eye gear when working with CNC machines, but what happens if your wife pops into the garage to let you know that dinner is almost ready or a potential client visits your shop to learn more about your business? Instead of just keeping your pair of goggles on hand, spend a little bit extra to ensure there are enough pairs for anyone who may stop in. Keep the goggles hung near your shop entrance and put up a sign to let everyone know that they must put a pair on before coming in.

Install Magnetic Mounts

Keep you tools organized and in reach by installing magnetic mounts around your shop. This way, everything you may need will be right on hand, without cluttering your tabletop workspace. For larger shops with multiple employees, we recommend purchasing duplicates of commonly used tools and placing a set on each of your mounts so you don’t always have to go searching for a particular item.

Put Down Anti-Fatigue Mats

If your shop doesn’t yet have anti-fatigue mats put down on the ground, we highly recommend installing them. These mats create a cushioned surface, allowing you to work in comfort throughout the day, and they also help to prevent dropped parts and tools from being damaged – or rolling across the floor.

An organized shop creates a positive work environment, helping you to create a better product while putting your safety first.

From table top mills to lathes and accessories, CNC Masters has all the machinery your shop may need, regardless of if you are a hobbyist, business owner or school. For more information about our machines, visit us online or give us a call at 626-962-9300.

Sensors: From Detecting to Data-Driven Solutions

man using CNC machineIndustries of all shapes and sizes are benefitting from an increase in data offered by sensors and manufacturing is no different. With different sensors being added throughout the manufacturing process, companies and their employees can now work smarter and more efficiently than before. The end result is a better-run and safer work environment that produces better results.

So where do sensors provide the most value? A recent article in Modern Machine Shop highlighted two key areas: toolpath optimization and energy optimization.

With toolpath optimization, sensors transmit data on load and temperature. This allows manufacturers to know how fast they can run certain combinations of machines and tools. Knowing when to speed up and when to slow down can greatly improve productivity. Sensors can also help manufacturers know when they are using a non-optimal tool path and provide the data needed to design a more optimized production approach.

By monitoring sensor data, users can also see spikes in load and when tools are most prone to breakage. This is a major advantage over the traditional method of “tuning by ear,” which, while sometimes helpful, was never precise enough. Now with concrete and tangible data provided from sensors, manufacturers can make adjustments with real value instead of simply guessing at which changes result in the best outcomes.

The second area is energy optimization. Since manufacturers spend so much in energy, the ability to optimize use can mean the difference in being profitable or not. By monitoring energy use through sensors, businesses can tell when they use the most energy, where they can save on the amount they spend, and if it makes more sense to run certain machines in the evening or at night, depending on variable time pricing that impacts users in certain markets from coast to coast.

Sensors are all about helping businesses become smarter, and business owners should embrace sensors and the data they provide. At CNC Masters, we offer a full range of products to meet any lathe and milling needs. Check out our full inventory online, or call us today at 626-962-9300 to learn more.

Transitioning from Manual – Tips to Incorporate CNC Technology

CNC Milling MachineIf your shop has been using manual milling equipment since you started, you may be reluctant to transition to automatic CNC technology. We understand that replacing your milling machines with new equipment may seem like a daunting process – especially if your existing machines have been working fine. However, there are so many benefits that come with switching to CNC milling machines that you shouldn’t disregard the idea. The following tips can help you incorporate this equipment into your shop for the best results.

Any time a new machine is installed in your shop, a few steps must be taken, including tweaking it until it is meeting or exceeding your productivity needs. The same is true when you transition from manual equipment to CNC technology. The team at CNC Masters will work with you to select the right equipment for your business, ensuring it will meet your production goals quickly and efficiently.

What exactly are the main benefits of making the switch to CNC milling machines? Not only will you experience faster cycle times, but they can lead to a finished product that is produced at an overall higher quality than you’ve come to expect. This technology can also help you eliminate several steps in the production process, ultimately saving you time and money in the long run.

Upgrading manual milling equipment may seem like a big change, but it’s one that countless shops have already made with great success. If you’re thinking about upgrading, that typically means your shop is ready to embrace new and leading technologies. Plus, through adding automatic CNC technology, you may also find other areas of your shop that may need some upgrades as well, and with the money you save on production costs and labor time, you can truly help make your shop fully up-to-date and ready for anything the 21st century business world throws your way.

There is a huge return on investment when it comes to switching from manual to automatic milling machines, and CNC Masters is here to help make the transition as simply as possible. We can guide you throughout every step of the process, ensuring you’re ready to go as soon as your new machines are installed. Call us today at 626-962-9300 to learn more about our CNC solutions!

CNC Milling Projects For Beginners

Turner's CubeA new year offers the perfect opportunity to delve into a hobby you have been interested in starting and if you have plans to learn more about CNC milling in 2016, CNC Masters is here to help out! As you introduce yourself to machine milling, you are probably looking for some simple projects to learn the basics with. Here are two project ideas to get you started.

Turner’s Cube

One of the most popular projects for beginner machinists to attempt, Turner’s Cube is a perfect cube that reveals layers of geometric shapes within. This project will test your skills, teaching you the precision you need to create a cube that is perfectly square with smooth surfaced and a properly proportioned interior design. Both Mark Thomas and CNC Cookbook have some great examples on their sites, providing you with all the information you need to get started on this precision based process. Once you’re finished, the cube even makes a nice ornamental addition to your home.

Soft Parallels

Looking for an even more basic first project to try? has a simple soft parallels project that is perfect for teaching basic CNC machine skills. Not only will this give you some practice with your machine, but it will also provide you with a valuable tool for later in your machining career. Placed below projects that you will be drilling through, the soft parallels will prevent you from accidentally scraping up your machine or breaking your drill bit.

Once you decide what project you would like to create, it’s time to get to work! CNC Masters has all the machines, accessories and software you may need as you learn your new trade. Visit us online to learn more about our products or call us today at 626-962-9300.

Know Your Machining Metals

machining with aluminumA CNC machine can help give your business what it needs in a lot of ways. Whether it’s a prototype or the mass production of one item, your machine has you covered. But before you put any old metal into it, we recommend learning which metals are best for which jobs. This will help you to save money and create the best product possible. If you need milling done, start with these materials:


A soft metal that is very easy to bend and cut, aluminum is also very cheap in price. This makes it perfect for the creation of a prototype of a piece your company may be developing.

Stainless Steel

Unlike aluminum, stainless steel is very hard and is rather expensive. If you are looking to mass produce an item that needs to be able to take a beating, then this is your metal.


Typically used for electronic hardware and commercial products, brass is another soft metal that cuts brilliantly. It’s not too expensive either, which could make it a great learning metal for prototypes.


An extremely strong and durable metal, titanium was first used to build aircrafts. It is also very light, making it easy to turn and bend while in the machine.

CNC Masters offers the finest CNC machines at very affordable prices. Regardless of material, our machines will help get you get the job done. For more information on our products, contact us online or by calling 626-962-9300.

Made By A CNC Milling Machine

Made By A CNC Milling Machine

It’s no secret that computerized numerical control (CNC) milling machines are responsible for mass producing millions of items daily across the globe.

Still despite the large output, many of us don’t realize how much impact their uses make on our daily lives.

CNC milling machines produce numerous common items, that without them, many of us wouldn’t be able to successfully finish or projects at our jobs.

Milling Machines: Making Work Better

Have you ever been taking notes in class or signing a document at work and ever wondered how you’re writing utensil came from?

Well, pens are actually one of the items that are massed produced on a milling machine.

Another everyday product created by a CNC machine – guitars. Their operating systems are perfect for making the exact cuts to help give the instrument its many unique looks and attributes.

Now we all know that a lot of parts go into making a wooden clock.

In order for a wooden clock to operate and function properly, many individual and tiny parts are needed to be precisely cut.

Milling machines actually handle cutting these clock parts. In a mass production, certain clock parts can then be preassembled before being shipped to their destinations for installation.

Lastly, have you ever wondered how the get police badges are created? They are made by a CNC milling machine, where the design is inputted into the operating system, making all of the small unique cuts.

CNC Masters provides the finest milling machines across the country, including the CNC Baron, perfect for the mass production of parts that you need for your business.

Our machines are easy to operate and will ensure your parts are created to perfection.

For more information on our products, please feel free to contact us today!

Make Yourself A CNC Milling Master Through Training

Make Yourself A CNC Milling Master Through TrainingCNC milling machines are very large intricate instruments that shouldn’t be taken lightly and operated properly.

That’s why if you purchase a CNC milling machine or are going to start working at a business that uses them frequently that you are trained and ready to use them no matter what you’re doing with them.

The only question is where do you go to receive this type of instruction?

Get The Right Training

If you are deciding on teaching yourself how to work a milling machine, one of your options is to teach yourself through and online class.

There are many video tutorials and classes that are offered online, which are very in-depth. These will teach you the ins and outs of your new CNC milling machine.

On the other hand, if you are starting a job that requires you to use one then you or your boss might find it best to learn with hands-on classes, which are offered around the country.

Keep in mind that if you are teaching yourself, as previously mentioned, that these types of classes are available to you as well. Your boss might find it necessary for you to complete both, which is at their discretion.

Learning new updates and practices about your CNC machine is never a bad thing as well, and could help keep you safe while operating it.

CNC Masters is the premier source of CNC mills, milling machines and CNC lathes perfect for helping you create the perfect product. It is always a good idea to practice safety, and a CNC milling machine course is a great way to protect yourself while working with one.

If you would like more information on any our products offered, feel free to contact us today!

Need A Part Made – Do It Yourself!

Need A Part Made – Do It Yourself!As a business owner, when you are designing a new part and need to create it, you have a good amount of options on how you will get it done. You could order them through a third party but a lot of the time it ends up being more of a hassle than it’s worth.

That’s when you need to go a route that will not only get you your parts but get you your highest return on investment. Both of those can be obtained by purchasing your own milling machine.

Get Back More Than You Give!

When you use a third party you run many risks such as the order coming in late and the part not being made correctly. This can lead to a lot of wasted time and money and as a business owner that’s the last thing you want.

If you were to purchase a milling machine you would have the ability to control how fast the piece is made as well as how often it is produced. You could even go as far as to create a prototype of the piece and see if there are any adjustments that need to be made.

There’s no need to worry about running the machine either, as the software is easy to use and you can learn it at your discretion.

CNC Masters offers high quality and affordable machining products and software for companies across the country. Our machines will make sure you get the product you need and keep your business running smoothly. For more information on any of our products, please contact us today!