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What CAD and/or CAM softwares can I use?

You can use any CAD-CAM software as long as it produces standard FANUC based G-Codes in the industry. We offer Rhino CAD and VISUALMILL CAM softwares which works with solids, and can allow you to create your drawings and convert them to g-codes all on the same software. Customers have used MasterCam, SurfCam, Gibs, Turbo, AutoCad, Inventor, Alibre, and Artcam to name a few with the CNC Jr., CNC Baron, and the CNC Supra.

How do I match the post-processors from my CAD-CAM software to generate the tool paths to be executed correctly on the CNC MASTERS machine?

The software company or your dealer who sold you the CAD-CAM software should provide you the tech support you need to create the necessary post-processors. This is a standard software tech support inquiry, and the CAD-CAM software industry is aware of the array of CNC machines in the market, so developing post-processors for the different CNC machines in the market is a common support feature they should offer you as part of their support. You also have the option of selecting the CAD-CAM softwares we sell as an accessory. A proven post-processor has also been developed in CAMs we offer with our CNC machines as well. See the CAD-CAMS we offer.

How can I scan a picture or design and engrave the design using the CNC Jr. or Supra Mill?

First, you scan the picture and save it as a DXF file in a graphics program such as CorelDRAW. Then, you load the DXF file into your CAD-CAM software. Your CAM software will produce the G-Codes necessary to machine your design. The G-Codes must then be loaded into the Master Software which interpret the G-Codes. The CNC Jr. or Supra Mill will then engrave your detailed design using the Engraving Attachment. The Engraving Attachment can be found in our line of accessories.

Can VISUALMILL softwares run IGES files?


Does your Master Software accept 3D surface files to generate 3D tool paths?

The Master Software’s purpose is to operate the CNC Jr and CNC SUPRA Mills. You able to download your G-Code files that you have produced from your CAD-CAM software. The Master Software will read your G-Codes, and machine your part. You can use any CAD-CAM software as long as it produces standard G-Codes. But, yes, the Master Software will accept the 3D surface files to generate 3D tool paths.

What file formats can the software import?

IGES, DXF, DWG, STL, and files from solid works. The solid works can be imported by the CAD-CAM we offer as an accessory.

Can the Master Software be operated in all MS Windows?

No, while the Master Software is designed to run on any 32 bit or 64 bit pc processor, the currently supported operating systems are MS Windows XP professional with SP 2 or better and MS windows7 with SP 1 or better. Currently MS Vista is not recommended or supported. We also recommend at minimum of (1) 1 GHz processor (2) 1 Gigabyte(GB) of RAM (3) 10 GB free Hard drive space and (4) 1 usb port.

Is the 50 inches per minute axis travel speed available while the machine is cutting, otherwise, what is the maximum cutting speed?

Yes, the Jr. and the Supra can cut up to this speed. However, it is best to use the industry standards for proper machining speeds. With regard to machining, working at a high feed speed will break your end mills unless you are cutting through foam, wax, wood, or plastic. Machining a part out of metal at at a low feed rate will best ensure your endmill from snapping.

What is the amperes, volts, and Hz requirements to run the CNC Supra or the CNC Jr. Mill?

5 amps of power are required for the CNC Mills that run between 220-240 VAC single phase. 10 amps are required for the CNC Mills that run at 115 VAC single phase. 15 amps service is recommended for any of our CNC Mills for safety purposes. 50-60 Hz of power is needed. USA standard is 60 Hz. Most other countries runs 50 Hz of power.

The Control Unit which mounts on the CNC Supra or the CNC Jr. requires 115 VAC, but can be re-wired to meet 220-240 VAC single phase at the request of the customer at placement of order. There is no extra charge for this conversion.

Do you offer a D.R.O. on the CNC Jr. and CNC Supra Mill?

The Digital Readout is right on the interface of the Master Software that comes with with your Jr or SUPRA. The counters will display and operate when you jog the axes with your PC mouse, keyboard, or optional hand held remote control. They will also display as you are runining a tool path program. The counters can display in either inches or metric.

If a part fails during the warranty period, can I just ship back to you the defective part?

Yes. We will be happy to offer you support over the phone or by email on how to carefully replace the part as long as you made the purchase from us or one of certified distributors.

I am a novice when it comes to CNC Milling, how much do I need to understand about G-Codes?

Not much at all. Our Master Software uses simple commands in plain English for you to generate your particular tool path. However, if you use your CAD-CAM software, once you finish your design/drawing using CAD, you must then use the CAM to to generate the G-Codes. This will require learning how to use your CAD-CAM software.

What is the maximum size part the CNC Jr. Mill can machine?

7″ x 19″ x 5″ high.

How much clearance do I need for the X table of the CNC Jr. Mill fully extended in the positive or negative direction?

Provide a 42″ clearance on the left and right side of the machine.

What do I need to do regarding the VAC needed to run the CNC Jr. Mill at my residence?

In order to properly run the CNC Jr. at 115 VAC, be sure to have a 15-20 amp service on that line. Consult a licensed electrician.

How can I machine a three dimensional head and face for an action figure, the face is very intricate in detail?

We recommend the Engraving Attachment Air Spindle which will allow you to do very fine and detailed milling work. We also recommend that you obtain a CAD-CAM software to help you create these intricate designs on your computer such as RHINO, or ARTCAM.

Do you sell endmills, cutters, tapmatics, engraving tools, etc.?

Because every customer has a unique milling need, we only offer a basic line of tooling which every machinist should have with their CNC Jr. or CNC Supra. You can find these tools on our accessories page or purchase one of our attractive package deals which comes with the tooling you need to start your machining. If you need more specialized tooling, your local industrial hardware should provide you with a greater selection of these specific tooling for you and be able to assist you with the particular tooling you need for your various applications.

Can the CNC Jr./SUPRA Milling Machine do tapping?

Using a tapmatic will allow you to tap your part with the use of the CNC Jr./SUPRA Mill.

Accuracy is stated as 0.003″ in 12″. Is this in any given 12″ or is it 0.003″?

Accuracy is given in any .003″ max in 12″ or .006″ in 24″ or even .00025 in 1″.

Will closed loop be available as a retrofit option when available?

We have a closed loop system that is currently being worked on. We should have it ready some time in the new year for the market. So yes, we can make it available to you once we have it in the market as a retrofit option.

Can programs be manually entered in standard G code?


How is tool offset info stored, in the program, or a separate tool file?

Tool height offset info is stored in a separate tool folder which you do in your SETUP on the Master Software.

Can multiple tools with multiple offsets be called in a single program?

Yes. There is no need to break up the program into different ones for different tools.

How is tool diameter compensation handled? Through your cad-cam software this can be done. It is a simple process to handle tool diameter compensation. And no, the drawing is not bigger than the actual part being machined. You draw your part to scale on your CAD and then you instruct the CAM part of your CAD-CAM program to add the tool offset when it generates the tool path; very simple!

Can a pause for operator action command be available? Yes, it can be programmed into your tool path. And yes, there is a PAUSE command in the Master program which allows you to pause your tool path.

Can I see a list of the G-Codes and M-Codes your CNC Mill supports?

Click here, and scroll down.

What are the tolerances on the CNC Jr. Mill?

Click here, and you will find the tolerances.

What if I buy a CNC Mill now and I see five years from now that you have upgraded it?

You are welcome to purchase any upgrade from us. Since you are already an established customer with us, we will sell you the upgrade at a reasonable cost.

Can I purchase accessories later on after purchasing a CNC Mill?

Yes. However, for certain items such as the fourth axis rotary table, you will need to ship back to us the Control Unit so we can make the modification.

What is the crating dimensions of the CNC Jr. Mill?

32″ x 29″ x 45″ Height.

Do you have any customers that are willing to share their experience using your CNC Jr. Mill?

Yes we do. Visit our Testimonials Page by clicking here.

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