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CNC MASTERS is a proud distributor of Royal Products. If you are interested in purchasing any Royal Products, please contact CNC MASTERS to quote you on the item number and quantity. You can find retail prices located on the PDF brochure link of each Royal Product. CNC MASTERS guarantees lower prices over the listed Royal Products retail price. So be sure to ask us for a quote!

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Keep your shop well lit and or take your lights with you with Royal Products’ industrial work lights. CNC Masters supplies Royal work lights in multiple sizes and strengths, perfect for your small-scale garage workspace or factory floor.

Royal work lights are flexible and easy to move or position, with multiple mounting options available. The flexible neck allows you to shift the position of the light and study parts closely or get see into small areas. Royal lights operate at a cooler temperature than standard halogen lights, so you can continue to work in a comfortable setting. Royal lights also reduce power consumption, saving on energy bills and offer a longer bulb life, saving on replacements. Evenly spread, powerful illumination eliminates the inconvenience of a dead spot.

Choose between 20” and 27” lengths with models including or excluding a built-in transformer. Take a look at the entire Royal work lights to find the right fit and see more specifications in the PDF. Choose the mounting option that works for your shop and order online at CNC Masters.


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