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For precise drilling and delicate machining, Royal Products provides sensitive drill feeds to better control drilling. CNC Masters stocks Royal Products’ drill feeds for their superior durability and consistency. Sensitive drill feeds cannot only make precision drilling easier, but an also reduce the breakages of small drills.

Sensitive drill feeds gives you greater control over the pressure applied to small drills. The drill feed allows you to safely control the drill press or milling machine with your fingertips, applying small amounts of pressure and more carefully drilling small holes. By tightening control of the pressure and focusing the movement of the drill, fewer small-diameter drills will break and this device will also reduce “drill walking” while you work. Use a collet or toolholder for the 1/3” straight shank and male J0 taper for mounting a drill chuck. When operating, simply grasp the free-turning ring and move the drill as needed.

Order a Royal sensitive drill feed for the highest quality of machining when working with small holes and small parts. For more information and to see other devices to enhance precise workmanship, contact CNC Masters.


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