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5C Lever Style Collet Closer

5C Pneumatic Collet Closers

Price & Summary Details

Adapt any 5C collet to be used on a manual lathe or workhead not equipped with hydraulic actuators with collet closers by Royal Products. Faster and more accurate than standard three-jaw lathe chucks, the Royal 5C collet closer is custom machined by the milling tool experts of CNC Masters to fit your individual lathe spindle for an unmatched, precision fit tailored to your specific lathe, and generally manufactured and shipped within two weeks of your order.

As a trusted distributor of Royal Products’ milling tools and accessories, CNC Masters’ expertise is recognized by industry leaders across the US, offering the best custom and standard stock accessories and replacement parts guaranteed below listed retail prices. And with our available financing options and dependable quotes, you can feel assured that you are receiving the best possible price with no hidden fees or charges.

Contact CNC Masters today for a free quote on custom collet closers, or to learn more details about our financing options, and stay productive.


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