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Royal Products makes machining easier with a collection of easy to use and versatile tools. CNC Masters carries Royal Products for their durability and accessibility, perfect for both professional machinists and hobbyists. Royal Products’ chuck stops save time and make machining safer when working with smaller parts.

The Royal Products’ chuck stop fits easily within a three-jaw lathe chuck, with magnets holding the piece in place. The chuck stop allows you to place smaller parts within the jaws of the chuck and allow a piece of the part to project outward. You can then work on either side of the part while the piece remains secure, saving you time working between machines. The Royal chuck stop assists in precise machining, with parallel surfaces within /- 0.0004″. The web-shaped design is crafted especially for the chuck, so it stays in place, eliminating the hazards of spacers and parallels that can be thrown from the spinning chuck.

Order Royal Products from CNC Masters for expert machining. If you are looking for a specific part or you have questions about any item, contact CNC Masters for more information.


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