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Royal Products makes cleanup and shop maintenance easy with PneuVac air cleaning guns. CNC Masters ships PneuVac air guns to business owners, machinists, hobbyists, researchers and more to make plants, labs and work spaces everywhere safe and well maintained.

The unique design allows the operator to shift the motion of the air gun with a click of a button and clear the workspace whenever needed. The handheld tool is easy to use and doesn’t require you to interrupt your work to quickly clear away debris. Acting as both an air gun and a vacuum, you can quickly clear debris onto the floor, away from your project, and continue working, or you can vacuum up your entire space when you are finished. The PneuVac gun focuses input airflow, transforming input air supply of 10 cfm into an output of almost 100 cfm, so debris are completely cleared away and your project is clean. The PneuVac gun can be used for metal shavings, wood splinters, plastic particles, glass and more.

Keep your workspace clean and make machining easier by eliminating debris. Order the Royal PneuVac air gun for your plant, factory or garage today and CNC Masters will deliver it to your door.


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