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CNC MASTERS 1340 Lathe: Recommended for general turning, chamfering, facing, boring, inside thread and outside thread. Built-In Turn-Key CNC system for true 2 axis X and Z control with computer variable spindle encoder control and safety limit switches. X and Z axis ball screws with pre-loaded ballnuts and motors installed as direct drives. The user-friendly windows Master operating software is included with user’s manual. Standard 1340 lathe items also included: Motor Pulley, Backplate for Three-Jaw Chuck, Backplate for Four-Jaw Chuck, 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck, 4-Jaw Independent Chuck, Center Sleeve Bushing MT-5 to MT-3, Change gear for threading (needed for manual option threading only), Tool Post Wrench, 4 Way Tool Post, Steady Rest, Follow Rest, Faceplate 11.75″, Machine Stands with Center Kick Plate and Chip Pan. One Year Warranty. Life-long tech support for as long as company owns this equipment. Power requirements: 115vac for controller. 208, 220-240vac, single phase for spindle motor.

Accessories include:
Removable Sliding Splash Guard with Lever Locks,
Wedge-Type Quick Tool Change Tool Post on machined T-Nut with 5 holders,
Computer Control Coolant Pump with hose, container, and flex nozzle,
and our exclusive Hand Held Remote Lathe Control Joystick with feed, speed, jogging, and micro-positioning.
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