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How Can a Retrofit Kit Change Your Business

cnc mill retrofit kit

Nobody can predict the future, and success tends to introduce new problems, too. Maybe your tabletop mill suited your initial needs perfectly, but now it can’t keep up with the demands of a growing small business. Or maybe you’ve recently discovered a new business or hobby opportunity that didn’t exist before but that will require new milling capacities or speeds.

Moving up to a new, larger machine is one option, but it has its drawbacks. It means laying out more money, and you’ll lose the investment you’ve already made in your CNC Jr. tabletop mill. A larger, more complicated machine may not fit into your existing space as your tabletop mill does. Even if you can sell the smaller machine and recoup some costs, you’ll probably still take a financial loss, plus you’ll need to spend your valuable time selling the old machine, researching and choosing a new machine and learning how to use it.

Wouldn’t it be better if your existing CNC Jr. Table Top Mill could just grow along with you? Of course it would – and that’s why we’ve developed the CNC Jr. Retrofit Kit. With this kit, your CNC Jr. can keep up with all the demands on your time and production capacity, as well as cut with greater precision and speed than ever before.

Get Up to Speed with a Retrofit Kit

By purchasing a CNC conversion kit, you keep all the benefits of the experience you’ve built using your existing machine while adding on some new features and improving existing features. A CNC Jr. Retrofit Kit is easy to install and detailed instructions are provided. You’ll need to mount a few parts onto your mill and install the updated software. That’s it. You can be milling with your newly updated CNC Jr. in practically no time.

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The retrofit kit will save you hours by producing highly accurate cuts with much greater speed, especially over any kind of manual milling. Complicated parts can be handled by the updated mill and software more easily, which reduces the need for manual operations and for time-consuming processes. The time and effort you save by using a CNC Jr. Retrofit Kit can easily pay for the cost of the kit in a few production runs. Faster milling of complex parts will allow you to grow your business or to take on jobs that were previously impossible.

To get the best value out of your CNC Jr. Table Top Mill, consider the benefits of a retrofit kit when you need to step up your production work.

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