Chicago CNC Machines

Are you looking to increase productivity at work? Do you need help producing more parts at a faster rate? It sounds like you could use our help, or better yet, our great products. CNC Masters has been making quality CNC milling machines and lathes for industries since 1990, and we can help make your Chicago business more successful and efficient and ready for any challenges that you may face with production.

We supply scientists, machinists, researchers and other industrial customers in Chicago and the greater Illinois region with quality CNC machines that are made to benefit their business. With more than 20 years of experience, we know how to produce the finest, most efficient machines. We have the following CNC milling machines and lathes for sale:


CNC Baron®


CNC Jr. Table Top Mill®

CNC 1440 Lathe

When you buy our milling machines and lathes, you know you’re getting an affordable product that’s sure to benefit your workplace productivity. We care about our customers and their satisfaction, and that’s why we pay attention to every detail when making each machine. We use foreign and domestic parts shipped to our location in Irwindale, California where we build our own complete line, and write our very own operating software to make programming and management streamlines and seamless.

To ensure you get the most from your milling machines and lathes, we offer direct tech support by email or phone. Our experts will answer any questions you have, and will make sure that you fully understand how to use your new machinery.

Call us today at 626-962-9300 to learn about our CNC milling machines and lathes for sale in Chicago.