CNC Product Reviews & Testimonials

Here are just a few examples of what our satisfied customers are saying about our CNC Milling products. These are REAL PICS from REAL CUSTOMERS who have generously gone out of their way to take and send to us to show what they are machining with their CNC MASTERS Milling Machine.

CNC Mill Options

The CNC mill machine comes in a variety of very popular types. They are used by people needing cutting and shaping capabilities for production or prototypes. Depending on the job and material being handled, a person chooses the right type of CNC mill machine for his/her needs. The acronym stands for “computer numerically controlled”, which means that rather than someone making the cuts or shapes manually, the computer program, does the work. This way, the risk of error is dramatically reduced. Because there are so many models, the price is so affordable, and the results so perfect, this type of equipment has become a staple for many industries. For instance, there is even a small table top model that is highly versatile. This particular milling machine was designed to be a space saver for companies where space is a rare luxury. This machine is often used by colleges, high schools, and smaller machine shops.

Choosing a CNC Mill

When you are ready to purchase a CNC mill for your company you will be presented with several types to choose from. The type of CNC mill that you choose will depend on the kind of work you need to perform. A junior sized mill sits on the table and is made for doing smaller work. A freestanding mill is a larger size and is used for doing larger work. Consider the right milling for the type of work that you need to do. No matter which style you choose make sure you get a high quality mill that will work for years to come. Choosing an inferior quality mill can mean that it breaks down repeatedly, which will cost you money and time in production. A high quality mill will continue to operate for years with just minimal maintenance. Be sure to follow the maintenance instructions to keep your machine functioning properly.

A CNC Milling Machine is an Investment in Quality

For countless businesses across the country their CNC milling machine was a true investment in quality and superior merchandise. The company prides itself on its customer service and innovation, while customers have come to rely on the equipment for its user friendly design and its technological advancements.

Currently, any new CNC milling machine will be able to operate on a Windows XP or Vista platform as well as run along the CNC machining designed software. This software is given a life long guarantee, with all updates being delivered to every single owner and operator.

The designers and engineers of CNC milling machine equipment also put a lot of thought into the features of the machinery, with direct drive, high torque, and remote control options available on select machines.

Exceptional Quality With CNC Mill Machines

The tremendous range of CNC mill machinery products offers an equally wide range of production opportunities. There are CNC mill machines meant for smaller home craft businesses, and there are heavy duty machines intended for industrial type production.

CNC mill machines come with guaranteed, high quality tech support as well as life long software updates for every make and model of milling machine, and a huge variety of accessories and products and are made to present anyone with a turn key operation. This makes many business start ups both easy and affordable.

From shoe makers, gunsmiths, munitions specialists to high school shops, military and research institutions there is a CNC mill machine to meet both the budgets and needs of every possible manufacturing environment.

Features of a CNC Milling Machine

A CNC milling machine is a specialized machine that uses computer access to help produce parts. The design of the parts can be integrated onto the computer specifying the exact measurements. The CNC milling machine then creates the part to the precise design dimensions. One of the advantages of using CNC technology is that you will get the exact same sized part each and every time. When you want to mass produce many of the same items you want them to be the same. You can choose the size of the machine that suits your needs the best. There are tabletop machines that are easily fitted onto a workbench. Standing models are available that are larger in size. If you only need to use the mill occasionally a tabletop model is probably the right size. Those who use the machine frequently will prefer the stability and additional features that you can get with a standing model.

CNC Mill Machines

CNC mill machines bring milling into the 21st century. CNC mill machines combine milling with advanced computer technology to bring computer controlled production to life. The CNC mills are used to help fabricate parts that are intricate or when many of the exact part are needed. The mill is connected to a computer that runs special software. Machine operators input the specific requirements into the software program that in turn sets up the instructions for the mill. Using this type of machine ensures that each and every item will be exactly the same. If you need to fabricate many of the same items then this type of mill can save you time and money. The process is not only faster than producing the parts by hand but also makes fewer waste products. This can save money in materials costs. The machines can also often be used by hand when the operator needs to create a special part.

The CNC Machine Lowers Product Costs

The CNC machine has changed the way machining parts are made, making it easier and less expensive to get parts. CNC stands for computer numerical control. A CNC machine uses computer controls to fabricate parts to specific instructions. The machine is hooked up to a computer and uses a windows based program to easily and quickly translate parts. The operating parameters can be changed easily via user-friendly software commands. These machines can make parts quickly and easily and are perfect for fabricating production parts where each one needs to be the same. The machines can often be operated by hand as well when specialized machining is needed. They are easy to operate and come in a variety of models based on your needs. Using a machine helps to reduce production costs by making the parts quickly and reducing waste. Many of the same parts can be made in a single run of the machine.

What is a Small CNC Machine?

Multiple small CNC machines can be combined into one single station. This single station is typically called a cell. Small CNC machines today are typically controlled directly by files that are created using CAM software packages. This is done so that a specific area of assembly can go straight from design to manufacturing without the need for producing a drafted paper drawing of the manufactured component. Basically, CNC machines represent a special portion of robotic industrial systems since they are programmed to perform many types of machining operations (within their designed physical limitations). CNC machines are capable of running over night and over the weekends without having to be controlled by an operator. Machines have been created to detect errors thus allowing CNC machines to contact the operator’s mobile phone of it detects that the machine has malfunctioned.

What is a CNC Milling Machine?

The majority of CNC milling machine solutions are computer controlled vertical mills that have the ability to move the spindle vertically along the z-axis. This extra level of freedom allows for use of a CNC milling machine in die sinking, engraving, and even relief sculptures. When their use is combined with conical tools or a ball nose cutter, the precision is improved ten fold without impacting speed. This provides a cost-effective alternative to almost all flat-surface hand-engraving work. Since computers now cost less, and there are free operating systems available such as Linux and Open Source CNC software, the price of CNC machines has taken a nose dive. For instance, Sherline, Prazi and others now make desktop CNC milling machines that are affordable for most hobbyists.

What is a CNC Mill?

CNC machining refers to an area of machining in which a CNC mill is used. This CNC mill operates under numerical control. CNC stands for computer numerical control. These machines are programmed using a CNC machining language which is commonly called G-code. The G-code machine language communicates to the CNC machine about space coordinates through which the cutter or tool should pass through. The G-code language is responsible for controlling feed rates and other functions of the milling machine including spindle speed, tool changers, coolant, etc. CNC machining G-code may be programmed manually, but most machine shops typically use CAM software to read CAD software. A machining tool used to perform CNC milling is typically referred to as a milling machine or a CNC machining center.