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Achieve Tight Machining Tolerances With These Helpful Tips

CNC End MillSo, you’ve reviewed the drawing with the engineers and designers. You’ve verified the dimensions and double and triple-checked the features. You’ve asked the team if they have any flexibility. You’ve explored every option, but alas that +/-0.0005 tolerance (or tighter sometimes) is correct. Now, you have to make the part. Here are some tips for maintaining tight tolerances.


Machine maintenance is critical for the best performance. While CNC mills are designed to have minimal deflection, things move over time. It is a good idea to contact the manufacturer to service and calibrate machines annually. They can use specialized tools like the interferometers and laser calibration systems to ensure machines are in tip-top shape.


A warmup routine might be standard procedure for any milling operation, but these routines are mostly designed to ensure the lubrication and bearings are warmed up. A high-precision operation should include a more aggressive routine to warm up all the internals. This exercise will minimize any dimensional changes that occur as the machine reaches operating temperature.

Thermal Stabilization

Thermal stabilization is different than warm up. While getting to operating temperature is essential, it is also vital for the environmental temperature to be stable. Shop temperatures might fluctuate throughout the day, or a specific machine might be near a vent, window or sunny spot. All these things can cause the workpiece or the machine to change dimensionally. Don’t forget to stabilize the material’s temperature too. If it is stored outside or in a cold room, it should be allowed to stabilize to an ambient temperature near the machine before starting.


The right tooling is a necessity for achieving tight tolerances. Consider using radiused tools for rough cutting to reduce tool wear and allow for faster machining. Then use a sharp, square end tool for finishing. The tool should have the maximum number of flutes allowable. For holes, a reamer has better precision than a bit and leaves a fine polished finish.

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Passivation and the Internet of Things

Internet of ThingsThe Internet of Things is an interesting and growing idea in both the home and the industrial workplace. It is essentially the concept of connecting any device that can be turned on and off to the Internet. That’s right – the Internet of Things connects everything from cellphones to table lamps to even parts of items, like the engine of an airplane or the drill on an oil rig, to the ‘net.

In a recent whitepaper from Walter Surface Technologies, inclinations are made that the Internet of Things might even have a connection with industrial shops via the Surfox Smart Passivation Tester, which is a unique that is technique allowing manufacturers to test the passivation of stainless steel prior to preparing items for shipping.

What exactly is passivation? In a nutshell, it is the act of using a light coat of protective material – perhaps a metal oxide, for instance – to create a sturdy shell that protects a stainless steel product against corrosion. Pairing passivation with the Internet of Things could allow machine shops to perform more real-time quality testing to better guarantee an even layer or protection and even guarantee that metals and the equipment that has been coated will hold up over time.

The Internet of Things allows the Surfox tester to obtain tests results wirelessly. It does this by syncing with smartphones and then checking the metals as a technician sweeps the tester over the surface of a coated item. Once the device gets a reading, it then transmits the resulting logs to an online cloud-stored database where the machine shop can then analyze the results of the passivation tests, says MMS Online.

Of course, there are safeguards, as the process doesn’t only rely strictly on a connection to the Internet. If offline, results can still be monitored without a Wi-Fi network via the Surfox app. It is a great process and knowing that products are being consistently treated within the shop before being sent out into the field is a great way for machine shops to maximize their quality and productivity.

It can be a complicated process, but the whitepaper lays out the groundwork and the potential applications quite well, and it is certainly worth a look.

CNC Masters has all the tools and methods to bring your machining to the next level. We’ve been helping large and small operations nationwide since 1992, and our experts are always happy to discuss your needs with you. Call us today at 626-962-9300 to find out more about our available products or to order new CNC machines, parts or accessories today.

Make Yourself A CNC Milling Master Through Training

Make Yourself A CNC Milling Master Through TrainingCNC milling machines are very large intricate instruments that shouldn’t be taken lightly and operated properly.

That’s why if you purchase a CNC milling machine or are going to start working at a business that uses them frequently that you are trained and ready to use them no matter what you’re doing with them.

The only question is where do you go to receive this type of instruction?

Get The Right Training

If you are deciding on teaching yourself how to work a milling machine, one of your options is to teach yourself through and online class.

There are many video tutorials and classes that are offered online, which are very in-depth. These will teach you the ins and outs of your new CNC milling machine.

On the other hand, if you are starting a job that requires you to use one then you or your boss might find it best to learn with hands-on classes, which are offered around the country.

Keep in mind that if you are teaching yourself, as previously mentioned, that these types of classes are available to you as well. Your boss might find it necessary for you to complete both, which is at their discretion.

Learning new updates and practices about your CNC machine is never a bad thing as well, and could help keep you safe while operating it.

CNC Masters is the premier source of CNC mills, milling machines and CNC lathes perfect for helping you create the perfect product. It is always a good idea to practice safety, and a CNC milling machine course is a great way to protect yourself while working with one.

If you would like more information on any our products offered, feel free to contact us today!

Milling Machines: Making Businesses Move

Milling Machines: Making Businesses MoveCNC Milling machines are used all over the country and world to help make a myriad of different items and materials including metal and wood.

Some companies depend on these types of machines to help keep their business growing because without their operation they would not be a viable company.

Businesses Benefiting From CNC Milling

One field that benefits from milling machines to complete their work is the woodworking industry. No matter what the project, a milling machine is crucial in creating precise cuts and mass producing parts to help them complete any type of project.

Another company that would benefit from these machines is plumbers. Utilizing milling machines, they can create new parts that could help prevent leaks or cut components down to fit pipes in a customer’s homes.

A field that greatly benefits and that could exploit the potential of CNC milling machines is the computer industry. With one at their disposal, they could create prototypes of new parts and test them in-house. Milling machines can handle the precise cuts that sometimes need to be made for these parts.

Similar to the computer industry, the automotive industry could use these product making machines to create new products for upcoming car models as well as increase the mass production.

CNC Masters has a large selection of milling machines that will help your business run at optimum levels. Get your items done right with our easy to use machines that are sure to return on your investment after just a few uses.

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Handle Your Milling Yourself

Starting a new business, especially one where machining and milling parts is the main function and service, then it can be a very difficult process. You want to make sure all parts you create are completed to the highest standard.

Because this is not just an ordinary business, it’s your livelihood and you want to build a customer base.

Now you might think at first it’s a good idea to have your part created by a third party. And in the beginning, you may not feel like your own milling machine may be worth the investment. This isn’t the case as owning a high-quality and reliable machine has a return on investment (ROI) that is unparalleled.

Mill To Your Standards


Despite the appeal of outsourcing, it actually can turn into quite a nightmare as your orders can be late or the parts are milled incorrectly.

Handle Your Milling Yourself

Invest in your own milling machine. This way you would be able to make sure the work is done the right way the first time. Subsequently you would have the ability to make sure the end results are completed by your deadline.

You could even go as far as to make prototypes before you mass produce. Then if you don’t like the creation, you could go back and make adjustments without having to pay someone else to do it.

CNC Masters offers affordable milling machines and easy to use software to get you the parts you need. Don’t get stuck dealing with an outside party, invest in a milling machine and keep your business running smoothly.

For more information on any of our available products, please feel free to contact us today!

Find The Hobby Milling Machine For You

Find The Hobby Milling Machine For YouSome people who enjoy a challenging hobby like to work on computer repairs, as technology is one of the most versatile tools in the arsenal of any person living in the United States currently. Then there are some hobbyists out there, even though they might not be as common as they once were, that are looking to work and create with their hands.

Those hobbyists who are looking to create works with their hands are a breed of people that most admire and sometimes envious for their creations.

In the world today, there are few people who take up something like wood working as a hobby, even fewer people who even practice the hobby consistently.

When it comes to any hobby the first thing that would come to your mind is, “what tools will I need for this?”

That simple question is one of the most important questions any hobbyist needs to ask themselves before getting into a hobby, because different people have different levels of commitment.

CNC Masters offers the particular wood hobbyist the CNC Supra Vertical Knee Mill, a great tool for those who are just beginning as well as those who are experts!

The Supra Vertical Knee Mill gives the user a simple automated machine with easy to understand software so that any hobbyist may create a 2-D or 3-D product. The Supra Vertical Knee Mill has X, Y, and Z precision ball nut screws for preciseness that cannot be beaten. The Supra Vertical Knee Mill starts at the low beginning price with the option of financing if needed. Visit our site for more information or contact us today!

Tolerating Tight Tolerances

managing tight tolerance projects with your cnc lathe

The Benchtop lathe is a mainstay for many machine shops, and it often must implement designs with tight tolerances. Tighter tolerance often translates into higher production costs, so finding the right balance between manufacturing cost control and producing the product as specified can be difficult.

The Meaning of Machining Tolerance

No matter how finely calibrated, no machine produces pieces with perfect dimensions. Sometimes, outside factors, such as temperature changes or varying humidity play a part.

However, even without any environmental influences, perfection is illusory, and certain ranges of variation in dimensions and such must be tolerated. A little wiggle room is necessary. Pieces exceeding permitted tolerances are often unusable. (more…)

Cool Down With the Right Coolant

cool down your cnc mill using the right coolant

Manufacturing with a 3 axis milling machine creates parts and components, and it generates heat. Without the correct coolant, machines break down, and prior to that happening, product quality suffers.

Check the Levels Before Every Job

Familiarize yourself with each machine’s coolant gauge. Most CNC machines have a coolant tank, which sits inside a housing. A floating gauge monitors the amount of coolant in the tank and connects to the machine controls via a cable.

Safety Measures to Use While Operating Milling Machines

safety measures to use while operating milling machines

Attention to basic safety and maintenance is vitally important to CNC safety. By following these CNC mill safety tips, you will be able to understand and implement shop safety from front to back.

Before You Start

  1. Make sure that the shop environment conforms to the specified temperature requirements for safe operation or storage of the unit.
  2. (more…)

Superior Service and Reliable Machines

superior service and reliable cnc machines

Congratulations on your new CNC machine from CNC Masters, where we are proud to offer CNC machines made in the USA. Whether you’re a business owner, an independent machinist, a shop teacher, scientist, or hobbyist, we’re here to support you with all the help you need to operate your CNC milling machine. It doesn’t matter which model you have or where in the world you are—we are always here for our customers to help with mechanics, electronics, operating software, and even everyday operations. With customers as diverse as NASA–JPL to McClellan bagpipes, we can help you everything you need. Even our website is resource rich, offering even online video tutorials to put you ahead of the learning curve. (more…)