CNC Product Reviews & Testimonials

Here are just a few examples of what our satisfied customers are saying about our CNC Milling products. These are REAL PICS from REAL CUSTOMERS who have generously gone out of their way to take and send to us to show what they are machining with their CNC MASTERS Milling Machine.

European CNC Market Expected to Expand

CNC in computer machinEuropean CNC Market Expected to Expanding refers to “computer numerical control” which is basically the ability of a computer to manipulate and control machinery. CNC machinery is able to carve a variety of items out of metals, woods, and so forth.

CNC technology has been around for many years and has continued to grow despite developing technology.

CNC requires finely tuned mechanical tools, along with precisely programmed software that tells the tools exactly what to do. CNC is so specialized that many people, such as technology and machinery investors, are not very familiar with it. Regardless, recent market research has revealed that the European CNC industry will likely grow rapidly in the next few years.

A recent “CNC Market Report, published by Allied Market Research, revealed that the industry will be worth about $18 million by 2022 at an annual rate of about 5.5%, revealing a tremendous growth period.

The Europe industry is growing so fast mainly due to technological advancements in consumer products. There is now a significant demand for CNC technology to be used in mass production plants to create, engrave, and machine electronic parts, plastics, steel, graphite, thermoforming, and so forth.

Europe made up a large share of the global CNC market in 2015, and is believed to maintain that standing as countries such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and so forth request machine tools.

We think it’s great that CNC is remaining prominent in other countries and that business is thriving. We are hoping to see the growth and development of CNC machines in the United States as well.

CNC Masters can take your manufacturing business to the next level or keep trade secrets close, CNC machine line-up features products that not only allow you to keep the entire manufacturing process in-house, but also help you save on space due to their smaller footprint.

Students Encouraged to Use CNC Machines

High school students in Foley, Minnesota, have the opportunity to take a sheet metal machining class where CNC machines are used daily. Students that have taken this class have been highly recommending the class to one another, raising the number of students wanting to take it. The class became a “hot topic” among students and many students became interested in learning the CNC machines.  The class allows students to discover, develop, and create, making the class unique and enticing to the high school students.
50909555 - teacher and students smiling with their tablet in class
The class teaches students how to both use and master different sheet metal techniques, including using CNC machines. It is an elective course so students are not required to take it but students willingly sign-up for the class. Students do have to pay somewhere between 20 to 25 dollars for the independent projects but students claim they believe the money spent is well worth it.

During the 2014-2015 school year the industrial technology department received a curriculum review which awarded funding to the department. The school invested $12,000 for the purchase of
tools which included the purchase of a CNC machine, a laser engraver, and more. Students typically start out by creating simple things such as a tool box. As their skills improve, they are granted access to laptops and computer-aided design software such as CNC machines. The advanced students have been able to develop go-cart bumpers and metal signs using the CNC machine, along with many other creations. The CNC machines allow students to create things quickly and with great precision.

Through the sheet metal class, the high school students enrolled are also exposed to careers that would involve CNC machines and CNC technology. The students take field trips to local technical colleges to help students see what a higher education in this field would be like. They also tour business and establishments that use CNC machines to understand what people do that use CNC machines for a living.

Students enrolled in this sheet metal class are learning valuable skills that might allow them to establish themselves as a professional through CNC machines. If students aren’t planning to make a career out of CNC machines, at the very least, they are learning a valuable skill.

CNC Technologies to Look For at IMTS 2016

CNC machiningThe 2016 International Manufacturing Technology Show is just a few months away, and with registration now open more and more information is flooding in about who – and what – will be exhibited in Chicago this September.

Some of the highlights include:


NUM plans to demonstrate what they are calling, “an exciting new development in CNC hardware and software technology,” at IMTS this year. This is expected to be the first public showing of their new NUMmill control solution, which is expected to draw plenty of attention from the CNC community.

Tsugami/Rem Sales

Tsguami/Rem Sales will be introducing four new machines at IMTS. This state-of-the-art booth will include the SS207-5AC LaserSwiss (a CNC lathe that combines Swiss style CNC machining and laser cutting in one) and the P034H, which is designed for micro machining.


Heidenhain will be highlighting its newest motion control developments, as well as its latest line of CNC machines at this year’s IMST. They will also be hosting a presentation on advanced CNC control capabilities.

GF Machining Solutions

GF Machining Solutions will be focusing their booth on the process of electrical discharge machining (EDM). Their machines offer advanced touchscreen controls and unique capabilities that can eliminate the variables related to thermal expansion and contraction.

Other Highlights

On top of the many exhibits available for viewing, there are also endless seminars for you and your employees to take part in. According to Peter R. Eelman, vice president of exhibitions and business development for the Association for Manufacturing Technology, “These conferences provide opportunities to stay on the leading edge of technology, a core mission of IMTS.”

With business enhancement being focused on throughout the entirety of the show, specific technologies like Additive Manufacturing, Industrial Lasers and Integrated Industries, will be covered on specific days.

We at CNC Masters are excited to see what is in store at IMTS 2016, and look forward to sharing more information about CNC advancements with our customers as it becomes available.

For individuals looking to expand their CNC machining shop, we are proud to offer high quality machines at affordable prices. To learn more about how we can help your business, contact us by phone at 626-962-9300.

Transitioning from Manual – Tips to Incorporate CNC Technology

CNC Milling MachineIf your shop has been using manual milling equipment since you started, you may be reluctant to transition to automatic CNC technology. We understand that replacing your milling machines with new equipment may seem like a daunting process – especially if your existing machines have been working fine. However, there are so many benefits that come with switching to CNC milling machines that you shouldn’t disregard the idea. The following tips can help you incorporate this equipment into your shop for the best results.

Any time a new machine is installed in your shop, a few steps must be taken, including tweaking it until it is meeting or exceeding your productivity needs. The same is true when you transition from manual equipment to CNC technology. The team at CNC Masters will work with you to select the right equipment for your business, ensuring it will meet your production goals quickly and efficiently.

What exactly are the main benefits of making the switch to CNC milling machines? Not only will you experience faster cycle times, but they can lead to a finished product that is produced at an overall higher quality than you’ve come to expect. This technology can also help you eliminate several steps in the production process, ultimately saving you time and money in the long run.

Upgrading manual milling equipment may seem like a big change, but it’s one that countless shops have already made with great success. If you’re thinking about upgrading, that typically means your shop is ready to embrace new and leading technologies. Plus, through adding automatic CNC technology, you may also find other areas of your shop that may need some upgrades as well, and with the money you save on production costs and labor time, you can truly help make your shop fully up-to-date and ready for anything the 21st century business world throws your way.

There is a huge return on investment when it comes to switching from manual to automatic milling machines, and CNC Masters is here to help make the transition as simply as possible. We can guide you throughout every step of the process, ensuring you’re ready to go as soon as your new machines are installed. Call us today at 626-962-9300 to learn more about our CNC solutions!