CNC Product Reviews & Testimonials

Here are just a few examples of what our satisfied customers are saying about our CNC Milling products. These are REAL PICS from REAL CUSTOMERS who have generously gone out of their way to take and send to us to show what they are machining with their CNC MASTERS Milling Machine.

Butterfly Joints Great DIY Project for CNC Machine

Butterfly Joints Great DIY Project for CNC MachineA butterfly joint, also known as a “butterfly key,” is typically used to hold two or more pieces of wood together. They are also used to hold one board that has slowly started to split into two boards together, reinforcing the original board. Essentially, butterfly joints stabilize cracked wood.

For some people, butterfly joints are used as a piece of home décor, often placed on door frames, wooden tables, or otherwise as a decorative element of the piece.

If you own a CNC machine, you can produce joints, and many other projects, from the comfort of your own home or your own workshop.

Luckily, CNC machines can cut a variety of materials, which includes aluminum, brass, steel, wood, and mire making it easy for them to produce butterfly joints. In fact, certain CNC machines can produce dozen of butterfly joints in a matter of minutes.

On Woodworking Network, they used a scrap piece melamine as a template, cutting several outlines of butterfly joints. They created different columns of butterfly joints, allowing them to make two different sizes, producing many butterfly joints at once using their CNC machine.

Keep in mind that the thicker the material is that you need to insert the butterfly joint into, the thicker the joint itself should be.

Many people often believe that CNC machines are used for major projects, and although they often are, they can also create small projects as well that can help improve your bigger projects. For instance, butterfly joints are a small project but they can help reinforce your bigger projects, such as tables, chairs, stools, and so forth.

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Highlighting Several of Our Favorite CNC Machines

CNC Masters recently gained a few new machines that are attention worthy. We wanted to use this post an opportunity to showcase some of their strengths.  Max CNC Mill

Max CNC Mill

Our new CNC MAX is specifically designed for the machinist considering the CNC Baron Mill that needs higher spindle speed and longer Y axis travel. The value and compact nature of the CNC Baron Mill are enhanced with the added features on the CNC MAX. The CNC MAX Milling Machine is turn-key, easy to learn, and even easier to operate. This machine also has the durable cast iron body and is designed for more demanding users. It provides more advanced features that emphasize the cutting precision and the ease of use.

CNC Supra Mill CNC Supra Mill

The SUPRA CNC Mill offers Turn-Key Operation for any beginner or experienced machinist who needs a user-friendly, easy-to-use, machine and that needs to cut the parts the same day the unit arrives. This CNC Vertical Knee Mill provides the strength and durability of a manually driven Bridgeport-type vertical knee mill. The ingenuity of this machine delivers intricate and detailed parts through automation technology while giving the operator the option to manually machine simple parts through the use of the axis’ hand wheel. The machine also comes with the software you need to your milling needs without requiring extra software and has a one year warranty.

CNC Baron

CNC Baron Milling MachineOur CNC Baron has been added into our line of CNC milling machines. This machine is designed for the machinist who needs both efficient and compact equipment at an excellent value. It is turn-key, easy to learn, and easy to operate. It has a durable cast iron body without being the size of a larger machine. The small frame is perfect for large and small manufacturing plants, machine shops, and other institutions that require the mass production of a single part. The CNC Baron Milling Machine comes with a one year warranty and we also offer product support for the CNC Baron Mill and its operational software as long as you or your company owns the CNC machine.

CNC JR MillCNC Jr. Table Top Mill

If something essential is missing from your garage or workstation, the CNC JR Mill might be it. Whether you are a hobbyist or a businessman with a small to medium-sized enterprise in need of machine parts, this machine can likely meet your needs. This machine is as powerful as the full sized model but is a smaller size milling machine that comes pre-built and easily hooks up to your computer. The software is easy to use and will help you get projects done faster. This machine comes with a one year warranty.


The 1440 CNC Lathe has the ability to revert to manual control quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need to write a CNC CNC 1440 Turning Center program for short runs. At the same time, its advanced CNC capabilities transform complex turning applications into simple designs that can be programmed and executed accurately many times over on production runs.

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If You Own a CNC Machine, Forget Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping is something that you either love to do or really dislike doing all together. For many of us, holiday shopping is stressful. It comes with a lot of pressure that we would prefer to avoid if possible.

However, for those of us that own CNC machines, we can do our holiday shopping from the comfort of our machine.

In recent years, the concept of DIY has really taken off. DIY is an abbreviation for “do it yourself.” Many people are starting to create and craft the perfect gift rather than shop for hours and return home empty-handed. People that own CNC machines can create DIY gifts that will blow any store purchased gift out of the water. People will love knowing that it was created especially for them and it will give the gift significant sentimental value.

We recently came across a video of someone that made holiday gifts for their whole family using their CNC machine.

The Youtube user created 13 customized wooden breakfast plates for each member of their family in under ten minutes. They didn’t have to face any malls, boutiques, or department stores. They just used their CNC machine resulting in a thoughtful and handmade gift.

Many people have also been creating snowflakes using their CNC machine, for both decorations and holiday gifts.

Using a thick white plastic, they were able to cut out multiple snowflakes using their CNC router. The plastic was a quarter-inch thick and it only took the CNC machine two passes to cut through, resulting in a flawless snowflake.

To create the shape of the snowflake they used Snowflake 2.0, which is a special application that allows you to draw and design snowflakes and save them in a PDF format. If you search the internet, there are plenty of programs that will generate snowflakes and allow you to custom design them.

Other homemade CNC machine gifts that have been popular over the years include jewelry boxes, coasters, wooden signs, ornaments, and even picture frames.

Have you ever used your CNC machine to create holiday gifts for your loved ones? We would love to hear about it.

We believe the best holiday gift you can give is a CNC Machine from CNC Masters but creating gifts using your CNC machine is a pretty incredible alternative.

CNC Machines and Lights Out Concept

Lights Out CNC MachiningIn order to improve productivity in the workplace, many companies and shops that use CNC machines daily have opted into a method called “Lights Out” machining. Running lights out means that you continue to run the machines even after employees go home for the night.  The CNC machines run throughout the night and complete jobs without manual assistance.

Both large and small companies have occasionally started to run lights out for a variety of reasons. Customers often want certain products on short notice and want you to get them as quickly as possible.  If a company can run lights off, the shop can finish a project overnight and have it ready the next day for a customer because they don’t need to wait for someone to come in to do the job. Companies are also starting to do lights out CNC machining so they can save on labor costs by paying a fewer number of employees and not having to pay employee benefits as frequently. Saving on labor costs is the biggest reason shops are choosing to run lights out. By letting the machines run themselves overnight , you don’t need to pay an employee to monitor the job or do the job, saving the company money.

Another advantage to the lights out concept is that you are able to run longer jobs overnight and not waste the time on those hours during the day. During the day, it is beneficial to do shorter jobs that require frequent manual maintenance and monitoring complicated parts. While employees are waiting for a job to finish during the day, they can program some of the night jobs for lights out which uses their time more effectively. If a job has to run for several hours with little manual maintenance, running it lights out makes more sense. By doing so, an employee doesn’t have to spend their time just watching the machine work for hours.

In order to start implementing lights out, you do need to ease into it and make sure the CNC machine is working the way it is intended to. You should practice running jobs “lights out” while employees are still present for the first several attempts. You should also make sure all of the tools and parts are sharp and clean. Machines need to cleaned and maintained in order to perform at their best while running lights out. It is also important to make sure the proper program is loaded, the space is clear of chips, and that the reservoir is full of coolant. These are things that the operators normally do but would not be present to do during lights off.

The best CNC machines to use for lights out production are grinders, horizontal and vertical machining centers, multifunction lathes and two- and four-axis lathes. Have you ever tried to run your CNC machines on “lights off?” How did it go?

Students Encouraged to Use CNC Machines

High school students in Foley, Minnesota, have the opportunity to take a sheet metal machining class where CNC machines are used daily. Students that have taken this class have been highly recommending the class to one another, raising the number of students wanting to take it. The class became a “hot topic” among students and many students became interested in learning the CNC machines.  The class allows students to discover, develop, and create, making the class unique and enticing to the high school students.
50909555 - teacher and students smiling with their tablet in class
The class teaches students how to both use and master different sheet metal techniques, including using CNC machines. It is an elective course so students are not required to take it but students willingly sign-up for the class. Students do have to pay somewhere between 20 to 25 dollars for the independent projects but students claim they believe the money spent is well worth it.

During the 2014-2015 school year the industrial technology department received a curriculum review which awarded funding to the department. The school invested $12,000 for the purchase of
tools which included the purchase of a CNC machine, a laser engraver, and more. Students typically start out by creating simple things such as a tool box. As their skills improve, they are granted access to laptops and computer-aided design software such as CNC machines. The advanced students have been able to develop go-cart bumpers and metal signs using the CNC machine, along with many other creations. The CNC machines allow students to create things quickly and with great precision.

Through the sheet metal class, the high school students enrolled are also exposed to careers that would involve CNC machines and CNC technology. The students take field trips to local technical colleges to help students see what a higher education in this field would be like. They also tour business and establishments that use CNC machines to understand what people do that use CNC machines for a living.

Students enrolled in this sheet metal class are learning valuable skills that might allow them to establish themselves as a professional through CNC machines. If students aren’t planning to make a career out of CNC machines, at the very least, they are learning a valuable skill.

What Materials Work Best for CNC Machines

Many materials can be used with CNC machines, giving you plenty of options to create whatever you’d like with your CNC machine. From aluminum to copper and from plastic to wood, options are practically endless as far as what materials can be used. Some people even work with steel and wax, depending on what they’re designing. One of the major advantages of CNC machines are the amount of materials that can be used with them, providing owners with multiple options.


Wood is most commonly thought of as the material that you would use with a CNC machine.  Solid wood is something that has never gone out of style and has been a “go-to” material for people for hundreds of years. CNC machines and wood go hand in hand, and although it’s certainly not the only material that can be used, it’s a popular choice. CNC machines have made creating products made from wood much easier. Choosing the right wood for your project, such as pine or cherry, can make a big difference in the finished product.  Depending on the wood you choose, you also can gear yourself toward a certain color whether you’re going for a darker or lighter finish.


Plastic is also commonly used with CNC machines. PVC which stands for polyvinyl chloride is a plastic that is easy to use with CNC machines. PVC is lightweight yet tough which make it an ideal material to work with. The machines can cut through PVC relatively easily too, leaving finished products smooth. PVC also comes in a variety of color options which can help spice up projects and let CNC owners utilize their creative side. Another plastic that is commonly used with CNC machines is plastic acrylic sheets which have varying colors and thickness which can be turned into signs, storage boxes, or even aquarium windows.


Metal is something that can be challenging to work with when it comes to CNC machines. However, Metals1aluminum is one metal that is very easy to work with. It is extremely durable, can be recycled, and is easy to cut through. Aluminum is one metal that many CNC machine owners choose to work with. Certain metals require specific bits to make the cutting process easier as well depending on the thickness or toughness of the metal. Metals such as brass or bronze can be used on CNC machines but they are not as easy to work with as aluminum. Metal has a very distinct and shiny appearance, making most metal projects appear clean cut and sharp.

CNC machines have a wide variety of materials that can be used with them, allowing owners to create and design with very little limitation.

Ways to Extend a CNC Machine’s Life

CNC Max GuardWhen you make an investment in machinery that impacts your business, you want to make sure it lasts. A CNC Machine is no different. This machine is so productive for your line, that if it breaks down, your production can fall behind and miss deadlines. We put together a few easy maintenance tips to help extend your CNC machine’s life.

There are a few operating problems like excessive vibration and chatter that can severely impact the machines efficiency. These problems can affect a spindle, and if you do not have an extra spare on hand, things will not look good while waiting for a replacement. If a spindle is pilled, it is because of both quality issues and possibly due to noise levels.

It is important to know when a repair is needed. You may be able to catch the needed repair in advance, before it gets any worse. If you have not done so already, setup a maintenance schedule for your CNC Machine, you may need to consult your handbook for best practices on this. Train your employees to properly maintain this machine as well.

It may be best to have a few individuals that specialize in CNC machine performance and will be able to maintain the machine, notice when a repair is needed, and take care of the repair for you.

If your CNC machine seems to be breaking down, even after proper maintenance is performed on a regular basis, you may need to consider having pushed it beyond its capabilities. Your machine may not be able to handle the increased workload you are requiring of it any longer. Think about other alternatives to redistribute the workload or consider investing in a new machine to handle what you need.

If you need help identifying a new CNC machine that will suit your new needs, contact CNC Masters at 626-962-9300. We are proud to provide some of the best quality and service nationwide for CNC machines.

For additional ways to extend the life of your machine, read here and here.

Taking CNC Training to the Virtual World

virtual CNC trainingAnyone who works with CNC machines on a regular basis will tell you a great deal of training is involved before becoming proficient with the equipment. In the past, students and trainees only had the option of operating an actual CNC machine under the guidance of an experienced teacher. While being able to work hands-on with an actual CNC machine is great in a lot of ways, it also opens up the possibility of crashing a piece of expensive equipment. Today, however, people have the opportunity to undergo CNC training in a virtual space.

By taking a virtual approach to CNC training, a trainee is able to try different tasks over and over again in a much faster manner. Machine Training Solutions, the company behind the leading virtual CNC training software, is able to tailor their virtual program to meet the specific needs of different industries and jobs, reports Modern Machine Shop in a recent blog post. For example, they offer a range of simulations including everything from five-axis turn-mills to Swiss-type CNC lathes.

Another advantage of virtual training is that a student or employee is able to learn new skills that they may otherwise never have the opportunity to acquire. A school or company may not have a wide selection of CNC equipment, but this software opens the door to training team members on a long list of CNC machine tools. This can help if you’re considering purchasing a new piece of equipment or looking to expand your team’s capabilities. Most importantly, the virtual training process is exactly the same as if a student was working with a physical machine, ensuring that those individuals participating in the virtual session receive all of the advantages of standard training without any of the risks.

These are just a few of the reasons why more and more companies and schools are turning to virtual training options like the ones offered by Machine Training Solutions. As technology continues to advance, the level of training offered by these simulations is only going to become better and more diverse.

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