How to Regulate Cutter Speed of a Machine Milling Vertical

A vertical milling machine is built for precision cutting. Its head is designed to slide up and down instead of horizontally, thereby providing a more stable and secure worktable. To preserve the cutting accuracy of a vertical mill, there are several factors governing cutter speed that operators should look out for. The type of metal cutter… Read more »

Factors that Affect CNC Milling Quality

Thanks to their ability to execute complex instructions and fabricate products to precise specifications, CNC mills can be incredibly useful tools to have around. But just because you finally got your hands on a CNC mill doesn’t mean you’ll be able to press ‘Go’ and start machining engine blocks right away. Ultimately, the quality of… Read more »

Milling Machines Help Increase Productivity

When businesses have to rely on third-party manufacturing companies to make specialized parts for their products, the cost of outsourcing can add up fast. It can also slow down the production process and increase the chance of supply chain issues. In some cases, a business might need to increase the price of its products to… Read more »

Check Out These Open-Source CNC Furniture Designs!

People typically associate open-source design with computer software, but in recent years many hobbyists and professional craftsmen have started to apply the principles of open design to furniture as well. CNC routers and laser cutters have made it possible for people from all across the globe to share different furniture designs with others, who can… Read more »

Using CNC Machines to Create Foam Projects

Your CNC machine can create unique designs in a variety of mediums—whether you’re working with metal or wood, the precision and versatility of a CNC machine offers limitless opportunities to create, no matter what your business or hobby entails. But did you know that you can also use your CNC machine to shape a very… Read more »

Tips on Adjusting CNC Position Panels

Have you ever tried to print a document two-sided on a printer that doesn’t do it automatically? You need to manually turn the paper or flip the paper, and when you do, it usually doesn’t work out right the first time. The same can happen when you’re machining on a two-sided item, which is why… Read more »

Ridiculously Unique CNC Projects

Whether you have a CNC machine at a workshop within your home or you are in the business of CNC, you should know the incredible things that these machines can do outside of what we typically use them for. Although some of the unique projects people create might not ever serve a true “purpose,” it’s… Read more »

Butterfly Joints Great DIY Project for CNC Machine

A butterfly joint, also known as a “butterfly key,” is typically used to hold two or more pieces of wood together. They are also used to hold one board that has slowly started to split into two boards together, reinforcing the original board. Essentially, butterfly joints stabilize cracked wood. For some people, butterfly joints are… Read more »

European CNC Market Expected to Expand

CNC in computer machining refers to “computer numerical control” which is basically the ability of a computer to manipulate and control machinery. CNC machinery is able to carve a variety of items out of metals, woods, and so forth. CNC technology has been around for many years and has continued to grow despite developing technology…. Read more »