Take Control of Your CNC Mill With a Touch Screen Computer

CNC machines have come a long way since the advent of the personal computer. Many modern CNC mills and turning stations can interface seamlessly with PC software that offers operators unprecedented control over these powerful tools. That’s why we offer a dedicated all-in-one touch screen computer that can be mounted directly to your CNC machine… Read more »

Complete Complex Projects With a Quick Tool Change System

When you first start learning to use your CNC mill and CAD software, it’s a good idea to take on some relatively simple projects that use just one or two different cutting tools. This can help you hone your technique and get a better feel for the strengths and limitations of each tool. But once… Read more »

Watch a Woodworker Make a Cribbage Board With a CNC Mill

Cribbage boards are great beginner CNC projects because they can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. These classic game boards range from straight planks of wood to more intricate designs that incorporate curves, beveled edges and even drawers for cards and game pieces. If you want to get really… Read more »

5 Tips for Engraving and Cutting With a CNC Machine

If you’re a hobbyist or business owner who does a lot of engraving or cutting, you may already be familiar with the immense potential of CNC machining. Jewelers, gun shops, collectible figurine makers and even engine designers often use CNC mills to perform complex engraving and cutting tasks. But if you’re used to doing this… Read more »

Excellent Service for Our CNC Turning Centers Is Guaranteed

At CNC masters, we understand the value of product dependability. That’s why all of our turning centers are manufactured to the highest standards of quality. We take great pride in building versatile and easy-to-use products that stand the test of time. To further demonstrate our faith in our products’ quality and reliability, we also offer… Read more »

Essential Maintenance Tips for Your CNC Machine

CNC machines are very sophisticated machines that are capable of making even the most complicated machining tasks look easy. To maintain this high level of performance, however, they must be properly maintained by their human operators. Otherwise, components can wear out prematurely and necessitate expensive repairs. Today we’ll look at few straightforward maintenance tasks you… Read more »

CNC Milling Allowed Apple to Create the World’s Thinnest Laptop

A decade ago, Steve Jobs unveiled the MacBook Air in a clever on-stage demonstration by removing the two-pound laptop from a flat manila envelope. At just .76 inches at its thickest point, it was the thinnest laptop ever created. The MacBook Air challenged preconceived notions about industrial design, and ushered in a whole new era… Read more »

What a CNC Mill Turn a Block of Aluminum Into a Cylinder Head

CNC machines are the industrial sculptors of the modern era. There’s something downright mesmerizing about watching a CNC mill transform a blank piece of material into a complex piece of functional equipment. Take the video below, for example, where a massive 5-axis CNC machine effortlessly mills a cylinder head out of a solid block of… Read more »

Hobbyists Can Enjoy Having a CNC Milling Machine at Home

When most people think of industrial milling operations, they picture large, bustling machine shops. For many years, these professional machine shops were the only places you were likely to see milling machines. They were typically used to make things like automotive parts, furniture and even military equipment. Since then, however, the hobby market for milling… Read more »