Improve the Surface Finish of Your CNC Projects With These Tips

The finishing cut is the last step before a part reaches inspection, and after all the time and effort that goes into making a precision part, it is critical that this final step produces a quality surface finish. Incorporating a few key practices can help prevent the need to scrap parts in this last stage… Read more »

Get a Grip: Strategies to Reduce Tool Deflection

To produce parts with accuracy, precision and high-quality surface finish, it is important to minimize tool deflection. Tool deflection occurs when the force of cutting overcomes the stiffness of the tool, causing the tool to bend. The tool may not perceptibly bend during the operation, but the proof is in the final measurements. Parts made… Read more »

Prolong the Life of Your CNC Machine With These Maintenance Tips

No business owner likes losing production time or output due to machinery failures. That’s why we’ve compiled a few tips to help prolong the life of your CNC machine and keep your operation running smoothly. Implement an Employee Check The technicians who use these machines day in and day out typically know more about their… Read more »

Upgrade Your CNC Machine With a 4th Axis Rotary Table

When you first start creating your own CNC designs, a three-axis machine will typically offer enough control and flexibility to bring any of your designs to life. Eventually, however, you may find that you feel somewhat constrained by the limits of an X, Y and Z axis. Maybe you’re making a cylindrical component, for example,… Read more »

Artist Uses CNC Machine to Recreate Patterns Found in Nature

CNC mills are most-commonly found in industrial manufacturing settings, but they have plenty of useful applications in the art world as well. From engraving to furniture making, artisans have found all sorts of creative uses for CNC machines in the past. Take the award-winning Indian sculpture artist and designer Ruchika Grover, for example. This artist… Read more »

Take Control of Your CNC Mill With a Touch Screen Computer

CNC machines have come a long way since the advent of the personal computer. Many modern CNC mills and turning stations can interface seamlessly with PC software that offers operators unprecedented control over these powerful tools. That’s why we offer a dedicated all-in-one touch screen computer that can be mounted directly to your CNC machine… Read more »

Complete Complex Projects With a Quick Tool Change System

When you first start learning to use your CNC mill and CAD software, it’s a good idea to take on some relatively simple projects that use just one or two different cutting tools. This can help you hone your technique and get a better feel for the strengths and limitations of each tool. But once… Read more »

Watch a Woodworker Make a Cribbage Board With a CNC Mill

Cribbage boards are great beginner CNC projects because they can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. These classic game boards range from straight planks of wood to more intricate designs that incorporate curves, beveled edges and even drawers for cards and game pieces. If you want to get really… Read more »

5 Tips for Engraving and Cutting With a CNC Machine

If you’re a hobbyist or business owner who does a lot of engraving or cutting, you may already be familiar with the immense potential of CNC machining. Jewelers, gun shops, collectible figurine makers and even engine designers often use CNC mills to perform complex engraving and cutting tasks. But if you’re used to doing this… Read more »

Excellent Service for Our CNC Turning Centers Is Guaranteed

At CNC masters, we understand the value of product dependability. That’s why all of our turning centers are manufactured to the highest standards of quality. We take great pride in building versatile and easy-to-use products that stand the test of time. To further demonstrate our faith in our products’ quality and reliability, we also offer… Read more »