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Here are just a few examples of what our satisfied customers are saying about our CNC Milling products. These are REAL PICS from REAL CUSTOMERS who have generously gone out of their way to take and send to us to show what they are machining with their CNC MASTERS Milling Machine.

Ensure Your New CNC Operator is Top-Notch

If your business recently hired a new CNC operator, you likely have expectations and standards that you would like them to meet. However, we have summarized several important things to keep in mind when you begin training a new CNC operator.Ensure Your New CNC Operator is Top-Notch

Make Expectations Clear

When training a CNC operator, you should get specific with what tasks you expect that person to do.  If you want them to do the right job, you must tell them what the right job is.  You should also recruit other willing operators that yare currently employed to explain to the trainee what they do on a daily basis and allow them to ask questions. Getting a person that already does the job is a great way to get the new hire’s questions easily answered. When developing your training curriculum, look at what your current operators do in order to develop an accurate curriculum and let them have a role in it.

State Your Specifics

When providing a new CNC operator with their job description, you should make sure that you are being as specific as possible. You cannot assume that the new hire will understand your terminology without having the details of each statement. For instance, if you give them a task to do, make sure you list each specific step of the task and not just a generic overview. Although this will make the guidelines for the new CNC operator much longer, it will ensure that the new operator will understand each task and not have to stop frequently to clarify questions.

Point Out Personal Preferences

Although many companies have similar views and standards on what CNC operators might do or might need to do, such as safety, many of them also have unique expectations and you need to make sure your new hire is trained with those preferences in mind. For instance, if your company machines products that are extremely flammable, such as titanium, your new hire should be made aware of that from the beginning. If you use specific measuring devices, the new CNC operator should be informed about it so they can make a habit out of doing it from their start date.

Highlight Your Machines

Although CNC machines all perform similar tasks, many machines are slightly different and so are the cutting tools used for them. Make that your CNC operator trainees understand when you’re specific cutting tools are beginning to wear. Point out to them what they should keep an eye out for whether it is change in sound or appearance. Make sure you only highlight the CNC machines the operator will actually be working with to avoid any confusion.  If you have machines that give you certain problems, make sure you include that in your training so they are aware before starting on the machine itself.

These several suggestions will help you to train your next CNC operator appropriately and to the standards of your company. For more CNC news and advice, visit CNC Masters blog.

If You Own a CNC Machine, Forget Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping is something that you either love to do or really dislike doing all together. For many of us, holiday shopping is stressful. It comes with a lot of pressure that we would prefer to avoid if possible.

However, for those of us that own CNC machines, we can do our holiday shopping from the comfort of our machine.

In recent years, the concept of DIY has really taken off. DIY is an abbreviation for “do it yourself.” Many people are starting to create and craft the perfect gift rather than shop for hours and return home empty-handed. People that own CNC machines can create DIY gifts that will blow any store purchased gift out of the water. People will love knowing that it was created especially for them and it will give the gift significant sentimental value.

We recently came across a video of someone that made holiday gifts for their whole family using their CNC machine.

The Youtube user created 13 customized wooden breakfast plates for each member of their family in under ten minutes. They didn’t have to face any malls, boutiques, or department stores. They just used their CNC machine resulting in a thoughtful and handmade gift.

Many people have also been creating snowflakes using their CNC machine, for both decorations and holiday gifts.

Using a thick white plastic, they were able to cut out multiple snowflakes using their CNC router. The plastic was a quarter-inch thick and it only took the CNC machine two passes to cut through, resulting in a flawless snowflake.

To create the shape of the snowflake they used Snowflake 2.0, which is a special application that allows you to draw and design snowflakes and save them in a PDF format. If you search the internet, there are plenty of programs that will generate snowflakes and allow you to custom design them.

Other homemade CNC machine gifts that have been popular over the years include jewelry boxes, coasters, wooden signs, ornaments, and even picture frames.

Have you ever used your CNC machine to create holiday gifts for your loved ones? We would love to hear about it.

We believe the best holiday gift you can give is a CNC Machine from CNC Masters but creating gifts using your CNC machine is a pretty incredible alternative.