David Brooks Company

In July 2001, we purchase your CNC Mini Mill and CNC Master software package. We have use the machinery and software in conjunction with two different 3-D CAD software programs, ArtCam and Cimigraphy. As you know, we added a rotary table to your setup and connected it to the y axis and use the fourth… Read more »

F9 Productions

Thank you. Your CNC Jr. has been a big help in my shop. It does about 90% of what my Bridgeport does at a fraction of the cost. I sent along some pictures of the CNC Table Top in action and also some pictures of some custom motorcycle parts I made with it. George Milburn… Read more »


Thank you for all your help with the CNC Jr I bought from you in January. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the machine on how much stronger it is in the flesh to the what I thought it was from the pictures on your website. I bought the machine from you and you… Read more »

GE Healthcare

I have been the owner of a Supra CNC Masters knee style mill for the past 9 months and have been nothing but pleased with the machine and the technical assistance. This machine has been used for the manufacture of engineering prototypes for GE Healthcare. As a mechanical engineer, I found the need to be… Read more »

MacLellan Bagpipes

I finally took some shots of the re-fitted machine up & running. The part you see is bagpipe chanter. The positioning and size of the finger holes on these is extremely important. As the volume of production has been increasing it became obvious the drill press and hole jig was no longer efficient! I already… Read more »

Money well spent

The CNC Masters CNC Jr. is a very practical ‘right-sized’ machine capable of producing many parts that will fit in a shoebox. Even a size 13 shoebox. Many of the parts I have produced on much larger and more expensive machines could have been produced on the CNC Jr. The CNC Jr. was purchased to… Read more »

Khalan Weaponry, LLC.

The CNC Jr. Mill was the first milling machine that I purchased for my business, which basically consisted of gunsmith work and custom part fabrication. After a few weeks of playing and learning, I was doing everything from engraving to machining complicated parts for firearms. I’ve ran the machine almost everyday for nearly two years… Read more »

Magnificent Machines

Dear CNC Masters, My new CNC Supra milling machine and Lathe arrived on time and without any problems. The carrier you used was very prompt and was helpful and friendly. Both machines arrived without a scratch! Kudos to you both for that! You should use him as often as possible. I really appreciate you going… Read more »

Craftsman Paul Ellis, UK

Two pictures are taken through a microscope. This is a die to stamp silver sheet. The model was produced and toolpathed in Bobcad. The cutter is solid carbide 20 degree inclusive angle with a 0.0025″ rad tip, feed rate 5.0 inches a min, stepover 0.002″. Machining time 5 hours + Thanks for the new software,Regards,… Read more »

California Lighting Technology Center at The University of California, Davis

At the California Lighting Technology Center we provide state-of-the-art lighting design and prototype fabrication as a part of our research and development services. In our fabrication facility, the 4-Axis CNC Supra Mill aids in our efforts to provide rapid and accurate prototype designs for next generation lighting concepts. It’s easy set-up, operation, and maintenance have… Read more »