Analyzing Desktop CNC Machines and Software

What is desktop CNC? This usually refers to milling machines that can be operated by Computer Numeric Control. The mills are controlled via CNC and move the spindle vertically along the Z-axis, though CNC can also operate horizontal mills or other manual machinery. Desktop CNC machines usually refer to smaller-size mills that can fit on a person’s desk, though the phrase might occasionally refer to Windows-based CNC software. While these machines were once very expensive, thanks to the drop in price of computers and free operating systems like Linux and open source CNC software, the prices of CNC lathes and mills have dropped in recent years. Some notable manufacturers that make lower priced desktop CNC models include Bridgeport, Sherline and Prazi. Some of the smaller models are even affordable to hobbyists. If you love designing and crafting special works or are starting a new industrial business a CNC machine can offer much assistance.

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